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Welcome back readers. With college right around the corner, many of you are beginning to realize that, in a few weeks, you’re going to be leaving home to start the next chapter of your lives. For many, the idea of going to a new school by yourself is overwhelming. As excited as you are for college, you’re dreading the first few weeks of adjusting to college life. I’m here to alleviate some of that anxiety. In this article, I have compiled a handful of suggestions on how to handle your first few weeks at college, some of which I personally did, others that I wish I had done, but all of which I would do now if I had the opportunity.

Be Outgoing

Your transition to college will be much easier if you are sociable. When going to the cafeteria alone, don’t eat alone. Instead, sit with a group of people you’ve never met and introduce yourself. In addition, introduce yourself to your classmates and the kids in your residence hall.

Learn People’s Names

The first piece of advice is useless if you can’t remember the name of the person to whom you just introduced yourself. Here are some useful tips from CNN on how to remember names.

Keep an Open Door

When you’re in your room, prop the door. An open door is a way of welcoming anyone to stop by, and doing so will encourage others to come into your room to meet you.

Don’t Go Too Crazy

Just because your parents aren’t around anymore doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. Kids will remember you as a liability if you get too out of control on the first weekend. Make a good first impression.

Meet Your RA

Get on good terms with your resident assistant, and don’t be scared away by the fact that they can get you in trouble. Most RA’s are great people, and just want to make sure that you enjoy your freshman year while staying safe.

Take the Roommate Agreement form Seriously

In the first few weeks, your RA may ask you to fill out a roommate agreement form, which will basically ask you to write down pet peeves and things that you need from your roommate. Take the time to really think about this form. If there is an issue between you and your roommate, your RA will look at this form in an effort to settle any disputes. Even if you are not given this form, you should still talk with your roommate at the beginning of the year rather than dealing with issues as they arise.

Be TV-Free

At the end of my senior year of high school, one of my teachers recommended that our class not bring a TV to college for freshman year. I took this advice, and life was much better without it. Not having a TV forced me to be more adventurous, and prevented me from sitting down in my room when I was bored. Plus, family weekend will be a month or two into school, so you can always have your parents bring one then if you really want it.

Join Clubs Immediately

When entering college, many people tell themselves that they will wait until second semester to join clubs, and just spend first semester getting the feel for college. These people don’t end up joining those clubs. Join clubs right when you get there. If you wait until you have your weekly ritual in order, you will make excuses that you are too busy to join those clubs.

Don’t Go Home for the Weekend

In the first few weeks of school, you may start to feel homesick and want to return home for the weekend. Don’t. If you start returning home early on, you will miss out on hanging out with your friends on the weekend and will start going home every weekend. I’m not saying don’t visit home, I’m just saying don’t go home for the first few weekends.

Call Your Friends and Family

Your friends are going through the same thing that you are. Call them to see how they’re adjusting. They’ll appreciate it, and it will make the transition to college easier on you as well. The same goes for your family. Your parents will be terrified to leave you, so call to reassure them that you’re doing alright.

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2 Responses to “Tips for the First 2 Weeks of College”

  1. JP says on August 28, 2012 at 9:55 pm:

    I can’t seem to party. I need to get good grades and graduate. But, money is a problem. How can I purchase anything when I owe so much in tuition. I can’t get a loan, so any help will be apprecited.

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  2. Joseph says on August 15, 2012 at 8:02 pm:

    Get into a routine of eating and sleeping well from day one. Since it’s the first taste of freedom and responsibility for a lot of people, it’s so easy to get into a routine of eating nothing but junk food and beer, and staying out late every night. It was for me at least ;-)

    While I think junk food, beer and late nights partying are an essential part of college, it’s so easy to overdo it at the expense of your education. If you can get into a good routine from the start it makes life a lot easier down the road.

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