09.23.09 | John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Program

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John and Abigail Adams Scholarship ProgramBy far the best part of my job is when I inform a deserving student that they’ve won a scholarship from scholarshippoints.com, which is giving away over $100,000 in scholarship money this year. The reactions I’ve got through the years have been priceless. I’ve heard everything from, “Get the bleep out of here,” to “This must be a scam,” before hearing a dial tone.  I even had one grateful student begin sobbing uncontrollably before hyperventilating – I dueled as a 911 dispatch operator that day.

I champion any initiative that helps hard working students realize their dream of higher education, which is why I am such a huge supporter of the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Program.

I just learned that my neighbor and friend Sam has become eligible for the Adams Scholarship program (pending full-time enrollment in a traditional academic semester following high school graduation and completion of her Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which is open to permanent Massachusetts residents.  A student must score in the advanced category in either the Mathematics or the English language arts section of the MCAS while holding a proficient or advanced standing in the second category.  Students who meet these requirement rank in the top 25% of their school district.

The scholarship is equal to the value of required tuition (not including fees) for all state-supported undergraduate courses.  The scholarship may be awarded for a maximum of four years or eight semesters of continued enrollment.  Students must also maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA to retain eligibility.

You’ve got the world at your finger tips.  The moment of enlightenment is when a persons dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities.  All that’s left is for you to make it a reality.

08.27.09 | Private Student Loans, Good for All Seasons

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Imagine having an application for school with NO deadline. What’s that you say? An application like that already exists? Which one? Oh, I didn’t realize a private student loan application could be completed at anytime – even in the middle of the semester.

I think most of us naturally assume that every school related application has a specific financial aid deadline, and for good reason. Most applications do have specified deadlines. I recall when I entered my junior year of school, back in the golden age, that people were telling me to make sure my SAT prep class and test were taken by this date, and that I needed to send out my college application(s) by the end of this particular month, and that I was crazy if I hadn’t completed my FAFSA and scholarship applications by the middle of January of my senior year. By the way, for a complete list of grade by grade college preparation plans from 8th to 12th, visit college action plans. The process of getting into college was completely overwhelming to me.

I had been so used to letting Mom handle things for me and now I was the one in the center of the storm. That’s why it’s good to know there is a floating deadline when it comes to student loans. After the Mom and Dad ATM runs out it’s comforting to have a place to go to get the funds you need.

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02.18.09 | 10k in 20 seconds

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The Student Loan Network is giving away $10,000 for school yet again. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this drawing…keep reading.
To enter the drawing you must be an undergraduate or graduate student, currently enrolled full time in an educational institution. See terms and conditions for all the official rules.

I think the greatest thing about this contest is how short the entry form is. It takes about 20 seconds (give or take, depending on your typing skills), and you don’t have to submit an essay or provide any recommendations. Just fill out your basic info, click sumbit, and you are entered. To see how short the entry form is click HERE!

Now there is a way to increase your odds of winning. When you sign up for the drawing, you are automatically becoming a member of the Scholarship Points community. Scholarshippoints.com is a website where you can complete various activities, which gives you more points, which in turn, gives you more entries for the scholarship drawing. It is up to you whether you want to increase your chances, but either way just by filling out that quick form you have one guaranteed entry for the contest. No gimmicks. For real guys…Good luck! OH, and last time I checked, grad school was not cheap, so I think every grad student (and undergrad, AND high school seniors) can spare the 20 seconds, and fill out the entry form.

Here are some recent winners of our monthly scholarship drawings:

January 2009 Scholarship Winner
Adrienne Meagher – Florida Institute of Technology

I’m a junior at the Florida Institute of Technology studying aviation management and business administration. I go to school in the summer so this scholarship will definitely help cover the financial stress. Thank you ScholarshipPoints!

January 2009 Scholarship Winner
Jessi Hoin – Wheaton College

This is a huge help in covering my expenses as an English major. With all of the books that I have to buy for my literature classes, the costs really add up. This $1,000 scholarship will more than help ease that burden!

December 2008 Scholarship Winner
Kelli Saxer – Texas Tech University

Being a first generation college student is tough on my family. We save every penny and apply to all the scholarships I’m eligible for. This $1,000 scholarship will help us out tremendously!

December 2008 Scholarship Winner
Lourdes Sanjurjo – University of West Georgia

I’m a Language Pathology major at the University of West Georgia. As a Freshman, it’s been a tough year financially. This scholarship will allow me to buy books and possibly a laptop! Thank you ScholarshipPoints, it truly means alot to me.

November 2008 Scholarship Winner
Christina Sorenson – Heald College

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am so excited and very encouraged by all of this to graduate from Heald Business College with a 4.0! Thanks ScholarshipPoints!

October 2008 $10,000 Scholarship Winner
Victoria Fiorentino – George Washington University

“With student loans looming over my head, I am so thankful for this scholarship, which will be of immense help to me. As a sophomore, I feel the stress of financial burdens on my education, and greatly appreciate the opportunity to receive help.”

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08.07.08 | Scholarship Opportunities

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I want to make sure you are all aware of the scholarship programs we are involved in.  For a partial list, please see below:

Student Loan Network will be holding a $10,000 scholarship drawing on October 31, 2008. There are no GPA or essay requirements, and the registration form is very quick, and easy. Make sure you’re registered at: StudentLoanNetwork.com/10K

Have you registered for Scholarship Points, our free college scholarship awards site? Scholarship Points gives away $1,000 scholarships each month along with other awards. For more details visit: ScholarshipPoints.com

StudentScholarshipSearch.com features over $9 billion worth of scholarships and grants for undergrad and graduate students. New listings are added everyday, so make sure you visit often.

Our most interesting opportunity to date: Scholarship Idol Video Contest – Submit a YouTube video for a chance to win $1,000 – but there are some rules so read the directions and Good Luck!

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11.27.07 | First Things First when Applying for Financial Aid

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If I could make two suggestions to anyone applying for financial aid, they would be:

  • Complete the FAFSA Form EARLY, and
  • Search for and Apply for scholarships as often as possible

Why?  The two biggest mis-perceptions are:

  • The FAFSA Form is too complicated (so I will put it off until later)
  • There are no scholarship I will qualify for

The FAFSA Form is not easy.  However, it can be done and most people will have to complete it anyway.  The Student Loan Network has created a guide to help you with this challenging task: www.FAFSAonline.com.   Use the guide to help you complete the FAFSA.

Get it done early to qualify for more aid.  Most federal and school financial aid programs will require that you have completed the FAFSA.  If you have it done early, there will be more financial aid available for you to qualify for.  The longer you wait, the less aid there will be left for you to apply for…

Finally, there are thousands of scholarships designed for all types of people – even you.  We have created a useful tool with an ebook on searching the internet and applying for scholarships.  Search our database and/or download your free ebook online at: Student Scholarship Search Guide.  Again, apply early as many awards won’t be there if you wait too long.