07.27.09 | MBA's Lead to a Greener Tomorrow

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I’m sure you’ve heard that a Master’s Degree is the gateway to a greener tomorrow, and it’s true. Statistics support the fact that more education equals a higher base salary. But do you really know why MBA holders get paid the big bucks?

I used to be one of those people who would walk around saying it’s just a piece of paper, and that I can do whatever that guy can do. Actually, I still kinda believe that. Partly because while a student is sitting in a classroom learning the subject matter, real world solutions are changing by the minute. So while I agree the lesson is important the solution is not always viable.

Sometimes it’s more about the people than the piece of paper itself that makes the difference in landing that high paying job. Many employers essentially let the colleges do the employment screening for them. They figure to get into grad school you needed to take an entrance exam and have solid letters of recommendation. Clearly you are motivated, they surmise, so they hand you that job based on your previous academic commitment. The fact is in most instances you need to learn the business you are joining from scratch. Everything doesn’t fit neatly into a classroom box.

So while you learn powerful tools that will help navigate your success in grad school, it is not always those tools that help you land your next job. However, that piece of paper serves as your boarding pass.

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02.18.09 | 10k in 20 seconds

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The Student Loan Network is giving away $10,000 for school yet again. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this drawing…keep reading.
To enter the drawing you must be an undergraduate or graduate student, currently enrolled full time in an educational institution. See terms and conditions for all the official rules.

I think the greatest thing about this contest is how short the entry form is. It takes about 20 seconds (give or take, depending on your typing skills), and you don’t have to submit an essay or provide any recommendations. Just fill out your basic info, click sumbit, and you are entered. To see how short the entry form is click HERE!

Now there is a way to increase your odds of winning. When you sign up for the drawing, you are automatically becoming a member of the Scholarship Points community. Scholarshippoints.com is a website where you can complete various activities, which gives you more points, which in turn, gives you more entries for the scholarship drawing. It is up to you whether you want to increase your chances, but either way just by filling out that quick form you have one guaranteed entry for the contest. No gimmicks. For real guys…Good luck! OH, and last time I checked, grad school was not cheap, so I think every grad student (and undergrad, AND high school seniors) can spare the 20 seconds, and fill out the entry form.

Here are some recent winners of our monthly scholarship drawings:

January 2009 Scholarship Winner
Adrienne Meagher – Florida Institute of Technology

I’m a junior at the Florida Institute of Technology studying aviation management and business administration. I go to school in the summer so this scholarship will definitely help cover the financial stress. Thank you ScholarshipPoints!

January 2009 Scholarship Winner
Jessi Hoin – Wheaton College

This is a huge help in covering my expenses as an English major. With all of the books that I have to buy for my literature classes, the costs really add up. This $1,000 scholarship will more than help ease that burden!

December 2008 Scholarship Winner
Kelli Saxer – Texas Tech University

Being a first generation college student is tough on my family. We save every penny and apply to all the scholarships I’m eligible for. This $1,000 scholarship will help us out tremendously!

December 2008 Scholarship Winner
Lourdes Sanjurjo – University of West Georgia

I’m a Language Pathology major at the University of West Georgia. As a Freshman, it’s been a tough year financially. This scholarship will allow me to buy books and possibly a laptop! Thank you ScholarshipPoints, it truly means alot to me.

November 2008 Scholarship Winner
Christina Sorenson – Heald College

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am so excited and very encouraged by all of this to graduate from Heald Business College with a 4.0! Thanks ScholarshipPoints!

October 2008 $10,000 Scholarship Winner
Victoria Fiorentino – George Washington University

“With student loans looming over my head, I am so thankful for this scholarship, which will be of immense help to me. As a sophomore, I feel the stress of financial burdens on my education, and greatly appreciate the opportunity to receive help.”

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