Being a Teacher’s Pet is a Good Thing | 04.17.09

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If you’ve ever been called a brown noser or teacher’s pet you’re on the inside track in the game of life.

Professors love students who participate in discussions, ask questions, and offer their own perspective. It really adds to the flow of the class and takes pressure off other students who are either too shy or intimidated to speak up. You serve as the savior for both the professor and your fellow students. Think of yourself as that classrooms student body president. That is the role I find myself in right now.

When I was younger I was painfully shy and didn’t utter two words in class, but I have learned in life that the squeaky wheel really does get the grease. This time around I am a presence. I set a precedent for myself early on in each semester by scoring well on my first exam, being an active participant in class, and asking enlightened questions via email on off days. Now moving forward I always get the benefit of the doubt when I miss a class or even skimp on an essay question. Just two weeks ago I argued about the way a certain question was structured on the exam which led to my incorrect response. The professor agreed with me and gave everyone two points that had got that one wrong.

Last semester I told one of my professors she was doing a great job and was very fair. She was overjoyed by the feedback. It’s the same in the business world or in any walk of life. Throw a compliment or two out there and see the response you get, I guarantee it will be positive. I can’t remember ever telling a girl she was pretty and her replying, “You think I’m pretty! You’re a jerk.” People love compliments!

The next time someone calls you a teachers pet accept that compliment with open arms. The world can use more of you.

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