How Does Academic Probation Affect My Federal Aid? | 09.11.09

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Academic probation may cost you your federal aid, or worse, your enrollment in that institution.

Satisfactory academic progress standards are set by the post-secondary school you are attending, which means no one size fits all solution exists. The formal academic probation process at Southern Cal may be entirely different from that of Florida State. Generally speaking, however, academic probation is when your overall GPA has fallen below a 2.0. You are then given a semester to raise your cumulative GPA to above 2.0 (the probationary period). If you are unable to do so you may be sanctioned to financial aid suspension or dismissal from the school.

If a student is dismissed they will need to enter another school, raise their academic standing, and then apply for reinstatement. As for your federal aid, you remain eligible for aid during your probationary period, however, if you fail to reach the 2.0 marker your next semester will be in jeopardy. It is also important to note that you must complete a certain percentage of your classes as well – usually greater than 75 percent. So enrolling in 5 classes and then dropping two won’t cut it. The classes attempted vs. completed ratio is important.

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