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What do you consider your most important bill each month; mortgage, automobile, cell phone? We all have mountains of bills to pay, but the most important bill you will ever pay is the one to yourself. My Dad taught me that a long time ago. I want you to stay ahead in the game of life which is why I am passing this wisdom along to you. Those other bills are certainly important, but not as important as number one.

Think of life like a game of Monopoly. Sometimes you land on Go and collect that $200 while other times you get sent directly to jail (and no one looks good in pinstripes). And think about it, if you get sent to jail you can’t take that ride on Reading Railroad, visit St. Charles Place, or advance to Boardwalk. You’d be relegated to a passenger in the game of life – no fun!

My suggestion is to set an account aside and put money in each week or each month as you deem fit. You are far more important than any other bill that comes your way. No one is going to do this for you. You need to take action to make this happen. Remember, it’s not the denomination that is the important thing here, so don’t get discouraged by that, it’s the act and mindset behind it. As you get older you may be able to contribute more, but for now just start with a $1.

We are always going to owe money to someone, that’s just life, but owing money to yourself is an investment in you. Everyone else can take a number and get in line.

Follow my simple but rich advice and you can’t go wrong. In fact, I’ll even save you at seat at the Boardwalk Cafe. The view is breathtaking.

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  1. Linda Cervantes says on May 9, 2008 at 8:11 am:

    I am a single mother with a mortgage and all the bills that go with it, a car payment with car ins. and credit card. However, I would love to go to school, but the class is a 2 year program. Is there a loan that I can get that will alow me to go to school full time and be able to pay my bills till I graduate and not be billed untill I graduate? Desperately seeking a better life for me and my two sons, Linda

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