Were your Stafford loans enough? | 06.23.10

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Seeing as it is the end of June, most of you have received your financial aid award letters and know what your federal loans look like for the upcoming academic year.

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So, did you receive enough money in Stafford loans? Keep in mind that there are annual limits for each category (subsidized and unsubsidized) and you can only be awarded funds up to these maximums.

If the federal money didn’t end up covering all your expenses, there are other options to consider. A private student loan can help bridge the gap between your total cost of attendance and awarded financial aid. Learn more about private student loans here: Private Student Loan Overview

In addition, a Parent PLUS loan can be a good solution if you have a parent or guardian that is willing to borrow to help your education. Last but not least, always take some time to apply for scholarships; they’re free money and cannot be beat!

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