Mandatory Forbearance Circumstances | 11.23.09

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Did you know there are a few mandatory forbearance situations you may qualify for?

  • if you are in a medical or dental internship residency;
  • have student loan payments that are 20 percent or more of your monthly income;
  • or have payments being made by the Department of Defense

Keep in mind that forbearance is not automatic and that you must apply with your lender to qualify.

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3 Responses to “Mandatory Forbearance Circumstances”

  1. barbara says on February 6, 2013 at 1:36 pm:

    bruce and celeste – I too am in same boat. 1200 mo soc sec barely meets basic living for me and kids. I juggle groceries/medical/clothes/etc. Student loan people began rejecting my forbearance/deferrment papers @ 2010/2011. Though they acknowledge my only income is SSDI – but they want to garnish that. There is help for my health – if I had the darned money to pay for it – which is why I did not choose total discharge request. Tried a payment plan but $80/mo got tough after 4 mos. Bank account constantly in overdraft, I was losing more money each month. Finally closed the account because they would NOT stop taking the money. During this time, lights went off couple days – and state steps in to try to take my kids for “not providing basic needs – lights)

    My mother died last year – left me and the kids $1000 ea from her retirement. (almost cost to bring the kids to see her just before she died – which I borrowed at the time. Used the rest to get house bills caught up and get 1 test needed but NOT covered under medicare). Student loan people tried to take that also. WTH.

    Signed up to try substitute teaching/assistant to try to earn enough for medical to get me stable to be up consistently to work at least part time- made 1 week. Of course my house/kids/health had to be neglected to do it. Life was up, work, home, drugs/down til next day. Unable to cook, think on my own, kids helping to dress more of me as the days went by….Took me @ a month to get back up from that downtime.

    People should not have to chose between having their kids needs met and a student loan debt. Especially when it was this stupid Govt that permitted meds for “routine illnesses” to be used knowing the damage it cause. This same govt allows protections for the pharma people. This same govt wont even let me get the care needed to restore what functionality we can before its too far and unrestorable. This same govt turned a blind eye when the bank foreclosed our house illegally- but ok’d us for section 8 to rent a smaller/older/less energy efficient house for more than the mortgage on my house. Oh – and since I earned my little few hundred $ in 2012 – they want to push to take whatever I earned. Child tax credit and EIC would help move health forward..but no..student loan people there to take that.

    Any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated. I am so discouraged its unreal!

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  2. Bruce T LeGrande says on April 7, 2012 at 10:34 pm:

    My student loan has fallen into default. I’m currently on social security disability. They charge me $160.00 a month from my check leaving me just enough to pay my bills but I have no money for gas toiletries, medicine, doctors etc. If I could some how get it cut in half I’d be able to halfway live. Also I filled out a discarge paper twice and even though the doctor said I cannot seek gainfull employment they still rejected it, incredible! Your help would be greatly appresiated.

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    • celestine doesburgh says on August 31, 2012 at 9:43 am:

      Bruce, I am in the same situation. I am on Social Security Disability and am unable to have gainful employment. I don’t have an answer for you and wondered if you have resolved your sitution. If so, can you tell me what I must do.

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