Grad School: Making The Tough Decisions | 11.04.09

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Grad School FairSo you are a senior and college and you have decided that you are definitely going to go to grad school next year. The job market is tough and you figure with a little bit more education you can get into your field of choice and increase your earning potential. You know that between the Graduate Stafford loan, Graduate PlUS loan and alternative student loans you will be able to pay for tuition, books and any other living expenses. Now comes the hard part; deciding which school and program to enroll in.

The first decision you need to make is whether you want to pursue a traditional graduate degree or an online degree. If an online degree is something the piques your interest can help you learn more about this possibility and connect you with the best online schools and programs. If you decide to go the more traditional route can help you explore your options and search for the perfect school.

Another great resource is the school you are attending now for your undergraduate degree. Many schools host graduate school fairs or graduate school information sessions. Your school’s career services office can also help you greatly in your decision.

Choosing a graduate school program is an extremely important decision and it should not be taken lightly. When making your decision you should consider the cost of attendance, cost of living, length of the program, whether or not you will be able to work while you are in school, and admission requirements. Remember that this decision will greatly impact your future career so make sure you choose a program you are going to enjoy.

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