Parent PLUS loans and divorce | 03.11.10

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If you’re an estranged parent or the child of divorce, you might be wondering which parent is responsible in certain student loan situations. Here is a brief overview.

Parent PLUS loans: Only one parent may apply for a Parent PLUS loan. The parent must (1) live with the child who will be using the loan; (2) claim the child as a dependent on taxes; and (3) support them more than 50%. This loan may not be transferred at any time and is the sole responsibility of the parent who applies.

Private Student loan cosigning: Either parent may elect to cosign for a student loan. The parent must have good credit and be responsible to pay in the event the student defaults following their post-graduation grace period.

Student loan consolidation: Only the parent who takes out the Parent PLUS loan may consolidate. If both parents co-signed for separate private loans for a child, an individual parent may only consolidate the loan(s) for which he or she co-signed.

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