What if my computer crashes during my online exam? | 05.26.09

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This actually happened to me during my principles of math class last summer. My computer froze up 15 minutes into a 90 minute timed exam.

There was a test each Monday (5 total) and you could take the exam anytime during the week leading up to that Monday if you wished. The first three tests went well. I had no computer issues and scored an 86% or better on each, but my luck ran out with number four.

I eventually had to shutdown and reboot the computer which lost me over 15 minutes of valuable test time. When I logged back into the test the clock was still running and I was still on question number 8. Not knowing how this was going to work I just plugged away and did my best the rest of the way. I ended up scoring a 72%. After which I emailed the professor to explain to him what had happened.

He verified on his end that there was about a 17 minute lapse time between my question 7 and 8 answers. He then gave me one of three options.

  1. Keep the 72%
  2. Take a backup exam which had 20 questions opposed to his normal 50 question exam.
  3. Take the 5th test and if I scored an 89% or better, which was my average, than the 72% would become an 89%. If I score less than an 89% the 72% would stay.

I was kinda hoping he would let me start on question 8 with 75 minutes to go, but no such luck.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that you have an online professor who is there to help you, and chances are you will not be the first person to encounter such an problem. As great as technology is, it is not without a virus or two to frustrate us from time to time. You may also want to check your course syllabus as many professors will list the proticol right there.

By the way, I went with option 3 and score a 95% on test number 5. That’s right, I rolled the dice and it paid off. Next stop Vegas.

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  1. Ray says on December 14, 2009 at 11:17 am:

    So you didn’t get to keep the 95% on that test?

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