Online Education Continues to Grow | 11.24.08

Posted in Online Degree By Student Loan Network Staff

According to Staying the Course: Online Education in the United States ’08 over 3.9 million students were taking at least one online course during the fall 2007 term; a 12% increase over the number reported the previous year.

When you consider the overall growth rate for higher education is only up 1.2% it makes that online enrollment figure of 12% even more significant. No doubt about it, online education is now a large piece of the education puzzle.

I actually took an online class over the summer for the first time. It was a Selected Topics in Mathematics class. For cost consideration factors I decided to enroll in the class at a less expensive school and transferred it over to my school. I only needed to score a -C for the grade to transfer. I’m happy to say I earned a B+ for my efforts.

It was great because I didn’t have to leave my apartment. My lego man pajamas could only be scrutinized by my cat. I didn’t have to dash to class, spend money on a parking sticker, or use gas money. I know I will be going this route again.

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