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After reading the Top 5 Reasons Online Classes Rock Collette asked a great question. In fact, I thought so much of it I decided to write this blog figuring some others may have similar concerns about the type of help available to you when taking an online class.

Collette’s Question: I would love to take an online course but was wondering:, can you still get help in these type of courses? In most of my classes I work with other students to help learn the material. Without an actual “classroom” is there another way to still get that type of help?

Answer: YES. There are a few notable ways to get the help you need when taking Online classes.

Professor’s: Online classes have an actual professor who is available to students. Some professor’s set a day during the week aside to answer student queries, like say each Monday night from 6-8pm. Other professors instruct students to post questions on the message board with a guaranteed response time of 24-48 hours. Procedures may vary, but a professor is always available. You’ll want to check your course syllabus for further details.

Forum’s: Online classes have forums and/or virtual classrooms where students can bounce thoughts, ideas, and questions off each other. This was a great place for me to go when I took an online class. I read some of the Q&A’s from my peers. I found that extremely helpful.

On Campus: One reader, Sarah, left a post saying she had a teacher tell her she could attend the class on campus if she wasn’t understanding the material.

As you can see help is definitely available to you should the video and audio lesson plans not be enough. Thanks again to Collette for asking that question.

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