Take a Deep Breath and Beware of the Annual U.S. News College Rankings | 09.17.13

Posted in News By David Levy

Now that the college rankings season has resumed, it’s a good idea to take a deep breath and consider the timely advice offered by Dr. John Tierney in The Atlantic. Despite its title, “Your Annual Reminder to Ignore the U.S. News and World Report College Rankings,” the article provides both a summary of the criticism leveled each year at the U.S. News rankings as well as other resources students and families should consider when looking at prospective colleges or even one’s alma mater. Before experiencing increased anxiety about the college admission process and deciding to which colleges to apply, keep in mind Dr. Tierney’s assessment about college rankings: “(they are) about as good for you as eating potato chips and Gummy Bears for dinner. With maple syrup.”

David-Levy-EdvisorsDavid Levy is Associate Editor of the Edvisors Network. David brings 30 years of experience as Director of Financial Aid at some of the nation’s leading colleges, including the Scripps College, California Institute of Technology and Occidental College. He is respected by students, parents and financial aid professionals nationwide because of his extensive outreach and volunteer activities, his extensive knowledge of financial aid and his leadership in helping to simplify the aid application process.

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