My School is Withholding My Transcript | 03.09.09

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The collateral damage which stems from not repaying money you owe to your school is worth far more than dollars. You can be certain the school will withhold your official transcript if you don’t pay up, which could pose major problems down the road.

Withholding your transcript would hamper your ability to transfer to another school, receive your diploma, and would most likely hurt your credit as it would be turned over to a collections agency. Also, if a potential employer calls to verify you graduated from that institution the school may not release/confirm the details with them, which certainly would not bode well for you. In this market employers can basically pick and choose their candidates, and that one strike against you could be your undoing regardless of how well your interviewed went.

It’s also good to know, however, that while the “official” transcript will be withheld you can still obtain a copy of your transcript. No institution can deny an individual access to his or her educational records.

Of course this can all be avoided if you pay your bill, but I know many are struggling right now. What I would suggest doing is consolidating your federal loans, if you haven’t already, and then deferring. You can defer federal loans for up to three years. This would at least serve as a temporary band-aid to your payment woes.

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