The Benefits of Part-Time Grad School | 05.10.10

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If you are a member of the working world, full-time school may just not be an option for you. It might have been easy to devote the time during your undergraduate life, but as many of us know, having a 40 hour per week job and trying to balance an equal amount of class time hours can be an utter nightmare.

Thankfully, many (if not all) graduate schools offer some sort of part-time or night program specifically for working individuals. There are a lot of benefits to slowing down your education a bit, though the prospect of taking an extra year or two to complete a degree can be somewhat frustrating depending on your personality.

The Benefits

  • Many employers offer some sort of tuition reimbursement program that can save you thousands of dollars
  • Allows you to have a life and at least a little free time while juggling school and work
  • Usually have flexible schedules (even potentially weekends)

The Negatives

  • Part-time schedules can take an average of 1.5-2 years longer to complete
  • The classes are usually further apart during the week (can make learning more difficult if you learn better with frequent repetition)
  • Night classes can be physically taxing and are not right for every student

All in all, part-time graduate programs are excellent if you want to take your degree slowly and pay as you go. The more your classes are spread out, the easier it will be to afford them and this intelligently reduces your potential debt over the course of the degree program.

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