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The decision to go to graduate school is fraught with questions about how pursuing an advanced degree will affect you in terms of money, time and sanity. Even if you can afford paying for grad school and can squeeze a few hours a day to attend classes and study, there is still the matter of getting in. For some, online grad school can be a difference-maker.

Not only is tuition generally cheaper than a traditional grad school, but you may be eligible for similar federal loan funding.
If you have been toying with the idea of getting your master’s degree online, I wanted to supply you with some important information that may assist you in getting closer to achieving your goal. First off, many online schools participate in the Federal loan program, which means you can borrow the low rate Stafford loans and the Graduate Plus loans to fund your graduate degree. This is a huge help to all of us who are struggling in this stalling economy and also for those who simply do not want to drain their savings.

There are many online schools to choose from and the best place to start is to research them all and see which ones offer the program you need. Click here for a database on online school’s and online degree programs for graduate students.

Taking classes online can be a very convenient avenue for many to take, especially considering you can take the class on your on time. Once you log in to your course, you can interact with other students in chat rooms and you can ask questions and interact with your peers, just as if you are were in the class room. Usually an online class is broken down into lessons, which you complete in order. There are scheduled tests that you take, which are often timed, or sometimes you may have assignments that you need to complete and email to the teacher by a certain date. These types of classes do take a lot of self discipline so if this is not your strong suit, I wouldn’t enroll in an online degree program.

Just to get an idea of how many schools offer the program you need, and what those programs cost, definitely check out this directory and feel free to visit the Financial Aid Forum where you can ask other students who have completed online degrees about their experiences with it.

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