Two Year Plan, Four Year Result | 08.03.09

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A two year college serves as the perfect cost effective gateway for those looking to one day obtain a bachelors degree.

I can tell you I have never had a potential employer ask me if I any of my undergraduate work was completed at a community college. They have no idea if I spent all four years at the school listed on my resume or transferred 70 credits over from a less expensive two year school. And quite frankly I don’t think they’d even care, but you know who should care, you!

It’s your pocket (or your parents) you are draining when you enroll in a four year college right out of high school. It just doesn’t make sound economic sense unless you are being offered scholarships and grants that place the cost of tuition on par with a community college.

Of course this “two to four” year game plan I am recommending is contingent on your four year institution accepting the transfer credits. You should speak to an admissions officer at both schools to confirm that the classes you are planning on taking will transfer without issue. That is really the only thing you should be weary of. Saving a nickel today may save you a dime tomorrow.

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  1. Steve Harmison says on September 11, 2009 at 7:22 pm:

    going through a well known junior college is the only way to go in my mind. The professors are savvy, the classes available are just as good if not better, and the student loans are easy to get. I transferred from SBCC (Santa Barbara Community College) to Cal State Long Beach and was able to transfer my multiple student loans into one easy loan.
    Here is a link that should help.


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