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Poll ResultsI just want to take a minute to thank all of the student’s who took our recent poll! Based on the results, it seems that only a mere 23% of you were satisfied with the amount of financial aid you received. This means a whopping 77% of students who replied did not get enough financial aid to pay for college! Considering the cost of college, this is no surprise, but now the question is what to do next.

Appeal Process

In some special cases, students can appeal their financial aid award in order to prove that they need more money for school. Appeals will be most successful if students can show that their family contribution is less than indicated on the FAFSA due to outside issues such as medical bills or mortgage payments. By proving your family cannot afford to contribute substantially to your education, financial aid offices will be more lenient when distributing aid. Read more about how to do this in Appealing a Financial Aid Offer.

Get a Private Student Loan

If you’re at the point where getting more money from your school is not an option, then your next step is to look into getting a private student loan. Private loans are available through a number of different lenders, so students are able to compare loans, and choose the right option for their situation. As with any loan, before signing, make sure you’re well aware of the conditions of the loan, especially repayment terms. Private loans are a great way to supplement federal aid, plus, they can often be consolidated once you graduate.

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  1. Paige Clark says on May 9, 2011 at 8:46 pm:

    I am a Junior in High School. I am trying to start early and recieve as many scholarships possible so I can attend college in the fall of 2012. My sister is already in college so it is hard on my family.

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