More Money is Not a Good Thing | 07.31.09

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Friday Rant!

Did you hear the good news about the 2009-2010 academic year? In addition to the increase in Pell Grant money (which is great for students), Federal Stafford loan funds have been increased by $2,000! Terrific, let’s poor more student loan debt on the children of tomorrow.

Do you know what happens when the federal reserve puts more money into circulation? Inflation spikes which devalues the dollar; although that also has a positive subsequent effect on our nations trade deficit. Still, the point I’m making is that more isn’t always better. Giving students more money doesn’t get to the root of the problem, which is that tuition is so overpriced it’s ridiculous!

I really feel for the students of today who are getting out of school with mini-mortgage payments and no job prospects. The trail of tears is long. You may want to inquire about free debt consultation if you are struggling with your monthly bills like so many Americans these days. For those students who are still in school there is some hope in the form of scholarships.

At, our sister site, we know how tough it is on today’s students, which is why we are committed to helping as many as we can with $100,000 in free scholarship money. Take a look at all the year-to-date winners.

Taking that one extra step may save you thousands of dollars. So I guess more money is a good thing after all, provided it’s in the form of a scholarship.

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