Avoid these top scholarship mistakes! | 03.08.12

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Scholarship MistakesStudent loans can be a crucial part of paying for college, but don’t forget there are other options that should be exhausted first- like scholarships. Many students know they should apply for scholarships, but either don’t have the time or get frustrated when they don’t win. We want to help, because let’s face it, free money for college is better than high-interest money for college.

StudentScholarshipSearch.com has developed an awesome infographic to help students win money: The Top 5 Scholarship Application Mistakes. Learn about some of the most common reasons why students are unable to snag a scholarship, and what you can do to turn your luck around.

While you may not win all of the scholarships you apply for, hopefully the tips from this infographic will get you on your way! And remember, apply apply apply!

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