MBA's Lead to a Greener Tomorrow | 07.27.09

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I’m sure you’ve heard that a Master’s Degree is the gateway to a greener tomorrow, and it’s true. Statistics support the fact that more education equals a higher base salary. But do you really know why MBA holders get paid the big bucks?

I used to be one of those people who would walk around saying it’s just a piece of paper, and that I can do whatever that guy can do. Actually, I still kinda believe that. Partly because while a student is sitting in a classroom learning the subject matter, real world solutions are changing by the minute. So while I agree the lesson is important the solution is not always viable.

Sometimes it’s more about the people than the piece of paper itself that makes the difference in landing that high paying job. Many employers essentially let the colleges do the employment screening for them. They figure to get into grad school you needed to take an entrance exam and have solid letters of recommendation. Clearly you are motivated, they surmise, so they hand you that job based on your previous academic commitment. The fact is in most instances you need to learn the business you are joining from scratch. Everything doesn’t fit neatly into a classroom box.

So while you learn powerful tools that will help navigate your success in grad school, it is not always those tools that help you land your next job. However, that piece of paper serves as your boarding pass.

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