FAFSA and your dependency status | 02.24.10

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Filling out your FAFSA form at the time same time as your taxes?taxes

It is important to note that filing as an independent on your taxes does not necessarily mean you would be considered as such on your FAFSA.

Just because you live on your own and your parents don’t contribute to your education does NOT necessarily mean you can file as an independent on the FAFSA.  You must file your FAFSA based on the dependency requirements listed here or you risk getting turned down for federal financial aid.

If you still feel – after having your FAFSA results returned to you – that you should be considered an independent student, contact your school’s financial aid office to file an appeal. But be prepared to have extensive documentation to back up your case.

P.S. – You may only file as an “emancipated minor” if you have been declared so in a court of law. Paying your way through school or even having your own apartment does not necessarily make you an emancipated minor. You must be legally declared so by a judge.

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