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Beach Chair Sitting in Shade Welcome back readers. I know many of you are working and trying to put aside as much money for college as possible. However, just because you have to conserve your money doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun this summer. Here’s a list of low-budget activities to keep you busy for the rest of the summer.

Go Into the City

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere near one, take the train into the city and hang out there for the day. With everything going on there , you don’t need to spend anything more than the train fare to have a good time. Watch the live broadcast of the Today show in New York City; observe the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.; walk through the San Francisco zoo.  A day spent walking around the city is a day well spent.

Sit Around a Campfire

With such nice weather, what better way to spend a summer night then hanging out with some friends at a campfire? The only requirements are chairs, a fire, and a few friends; s’mores, hot dogs, and music are just a bonus.

Go Camping

If you live near a mountain, then hike up the mountain and camp out for the night there. Otherwise, go into the woods, or any other area away from civilization. Camping in the wilderness for a night will give you a much greater appreciation for nature, and having a night completely void of technology is great.

Attend a Minor League Baseball Game

Ok, so they won’t be as good as your major league team, but you’ll generally be able to get tickets for under $10, and a handful of these players will be playing in the big leagues in a few years.

Start a Pickup Basketball League

Get a handful of friends to agree to take part, and divide yourselves into a few teams of 2-3 players each. Schedule a game a week, and keep a record of the standings. The same can be done for football, whiffle ball, or any other sport that you can think of.

Go to the Movies

This one may seem obvious, but movie tickets generally cost around $10 , and with all the great movies in theatres this summer, why not go to the movies on the next rainy day? Also, keep in mind that many movie theatres have discounted tickets one day a week. While there, be sure to ask if they offer student discounts, as many movie theaters will offer a discount if you show your school id. For more student discounts, see our article on saving money with your student id.

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Plan it out a few days ahead of time. Post on various social media websites that you’re having a giant water balloon fight, and get a handful of people to chip in a few dollars. This past school year, some friends and I organized a water balloon fight on campus and got about 1,500 water balloons for 75 people for around $30. Needless to say, it was a good time.

Go to an Unknown Artist’s Concert

If you live within a reasonable distance of a small venue, check when they will be holding concerts this summer. While you may have never heard of some of the artists, you will often be able to get tickets for $10-$20, and will get to hear some good music. Two of the best concerts that I have been to cost less that $20, so give some of those artists a try.

Start a Flash Mob

This one will require some planning, but gather everyone you know and designate a time, place, and choreographed song, and just have fun being a part of it.

Now, with all these new ideas, go out and enjoy the second half of your summer! Just be sure to check back soon to learn about some easy ways to earn money this summer.

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