Improve your Time Management Skills | 10.03.12

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How well do you use your 168 hours?

As a student, your time is spent doing all sorts of things; From jobs, school work, and classes, to socializing and sleeping, students are always on the go. But did you know that on average, 40 hours of the week are unaccounted for? These are 40 hours you can use to make more money, join a club, or teach yourself a skill, and improving your time management strategies can help you get there!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the top places a student’s time goes every week, and where the 40 hours fit in:

  • Sleeping – 56 hours
  • Uncategorized/Unused time – 40 hours
  • Class – 15 hours
  • Eating – 14 hours
  • Socializing – 12 hours

These 40 hours of unaccounted-for time have great potential if you know how to manage your time wisely. Hone your time-management skills to be more productive – whether it’s volunteering, working, or even napping, plan your day ahead of time. has some great articles about ways to stay productive and motivated throughout the day, so make sure to check them out for inspiration.

For more tips on effective time management, check out our recent Infographic Time Management for Students.

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