07.19.13 | College Costs Out of Control

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Today, 20% of adults owe money on student loans, and 57% are worried about repaying these loans. Many have expressed concern about the recent legislation which increased the interest rate of subsidized loans to 6.8%, but the problem is not the cost of student loans. As stated by Mark Kantrowitz in a recent article published by MarketWatch, this will not double loan payments, but rather, will lead to about a 17% increase in monthly payments.

The real problem is the rising cost of college, and decline in government grants. A recent study by Gallup indicates that only 15% of Americans think that it would be reasonable for colleges to charge students more than $20,000 per year. Yet, many schools, such as MIT, Cornell, and Harvard, charge over $50,000 per year, after tuition and living expenses are taken into account. (more…)

07.09.10 | How are we doing?

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Alright folks, we’ve answered hundreds of questions on our financial aid forum this season and now we have one for you: How are we doing?

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