11.16.10 | ScholarshipPoints.com Announces Final $10,000 Scholarship Drawing of 2010

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ScholarshipPoints.com, a free college scholarship rewards program, will draw the winner of their next $10,000 scholarship on December 15th.

ScholarshipPoints  (http://www.scholarshippoints.com), an Edvisors online education company, recently announced that its final $10,000 scholarship of 2010 will be awarded on December 15th. The December drawing will mark the fifth time this year that ScholarshipPoints has awarded a $10,000 scholarship to a single student and brings the total amount awarded to over $115,000 in 2010.

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11.11.10 | November is National Scholarship Awareness Month

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Did you know that November is National Scholarship Awareness Month? National Scholarship Awareness Month was created to raise awareness of the importance of scholarship money in our society. Everyone deserves the chance to pursue a higher education, but with the cost of college rising every year it becomes harder and harder for students and their parents to foot the bill. It is important to make families aware of the fact that hundreds of thousands of scholarship dollars are available every year to help students finance their education.

ScholarshipPoints knows how crucial scholarship money is in the quest to better educate the world. That is why we award scholarship money every month, partner with organizations who are also committed to awarding scholarship money to students, and make an effort to introduce our members to other great scholarship offers. This month, as an active participant in scholarship programs, do your part make your friends aware of all of the scholarship opportunities that exist through ScholarshipPoints.com and other organizations.

10.20.10 | Paying for College With Scholarships

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Finding scholarships can be a daunting task. Because of this, students often wonder if paying for college with scholarships is even possible. With so many different kinds of scholarships out there it can be difficult to figure out where to find the right ones and how to approach the application processes. To break through some of the clutter, ScholarshipPoints has recently added some new resources about various types of scholarships, where they can be found, and who should apply for them.

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10.01.10 | Looking for a Scholarship? Hassle-free is Key.

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If you’re like me, you probably took one look at most scholarships’ requirement to write an essay and groaned. 500 or 1,000 words are perhaps a small price to pay for free money for college, but not all of us are so gifted with the writing gene.

Thankfully, there are other options. Have you ever checked out ScholarshipPoints?

Their model is pretty different from other sites I’ve seen in that they,

  1. Don’t charge for their services (it’s free!), and,
  2. Don’t require you to write a grueling essay just for the chance of winning.

Instead, you complete different activities to build up the site’s currency — scholarship points. These “points” become the raw entries into their monthly and quarterly scholarships (up to $10,000!) and the more points you use, the better chance you have of winning.

As far as the activities go, none of it is particularly intensive. Reading a blog is a common one or filling out a simple opinion survey. All in all, much less frustrating and stressful than having to pump out words you probably don’t care about or want to write.

Check out ScholarshipPoints »

(If this doesn’t sound like it’s for you, they also have a scholarship search engine called StudentScholarshipSearch.)

08.17.10 | ScholarshipPoints.com Announces Drawing Date for Fourth $10,000 Scholarship of 2010

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ScholarshipPoints.com, a free college scholarship rewards program, plans to draw the winner of its next $10,000 scholarship on September 15th.

QUINCY, MA (August 16, 2010) – ScholarshipPoints (www.scholarshippoints.com), an Edvisors online education company, recently announced that its fourth $10,000 scholarship drawing of 2010 will be awarded on September 15, 2010 and sponsored in part by Student Loan Network. Through their free scholarships program, ScholarshipPoints will help students of all ages achieve their dreams of a college education by awarding scholarships on a monthly and quarterly basis. To ensure funds are used for educational purposes, awards are sent directly to the student’s financial aid office.

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07.02.10 | June 2010 Scholarship Winners

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If you haven’t already heard, yesterday ScholarshipPoints.com announced the June 2010 Scholarship Winners.  Winners have three days to claim their scholarship before it is awarded to the next runner-up, so check now to see if you won!

Between the June 2010 $10,000 Scholarship Drawing on June 15th, and other sponsored scholarships, ScholarshipPoints awarded a total of $18,000 last month. Don’t miss your chance to win free money for college! Login now to enter the July $1,000 Free College Scholarship, one of this month’s sponsored scholarships worth up to $7,000 or the September 2010 $10,000 Scholarship Drawing.

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06.16.10 | June 2010 $10,000 Scholarship Winner Announced

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It is that time again. Our June 2010 $10,000 scholarship winner has been announced! Are you the lucky winner? Check the ScholarshipPoints winner’s page now to find out.

If you didn’t with this scholarship drawing, there are more chances to win in June! Login to ScholarshipPoints now, earn points, and enter June’s $1,000 Free College Scholarship drawing or any of this months sponsored scholarships worth up to $8,000. You can also start earning points towards the next $10,000 Scholarship Drawing to be held in September of 2010.

Congratulations to the winner and good luck in our future scholarship drawings!

03.29.10 | Your Step-by-Step Guide to Paying for Grad School, Part Two

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This is the second installment in a three-part blog series on paying for grad school. In case you missed it, here is part one.

Scholarships. These are the best option to paying for school (because they needn’t be paid back), and there are thousands of awards available from coast to coast for prospective graduate students. To start looking, visit http://www.studentscholarshipsearch.com/ and use the search term “graduate”.

Federal loans. You might be surprised to learn that graduate students have many of the same options to borrow money from the federal government as undergraduate students. In some cases, they can be even better. Like before, you must fill out your FAFSA form to determine how much you may receive in subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans. One major difference between undergraduate and graduate federal loans is that the annual loan limits are much higher for graduate. The lifetime aggregate Stafford loan limit is $138,500 for graduate students. As long as you are enrolled at least half the time, you are eligible.

Graduate students also have access to federal Graduate PLUS loans. These federal loans have a low, fixed interest rate and are based on your credit rating. The yearly limit on a Grad PLUS Loan is equal to your cost of attendance minus any other financial aid you receive. So if your cost of attendance is $75,000 and you receive $45,000 in financial aid, you may not borrow more than $30,000.

One of the perks of being a grad student is that you have a number of options for repaying your federal loans. Typically, you have ten years to pay off a graduate Stafford loan. You also may opt for a graduated repayment option, which sets your payments low at the start and then gradually increases them as your income increases. The income-sensitive repayment can option can also be useful if your job security is in question, as loan payments in that instance change as your income raises or drops.

Next week: Your private student loan options.

02.02.10 | Financial aid and a college food budget

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FoodToday in our Financial Aid Forum I received the following question:

Next year as a sophomore our son will not have a meal plan at the college.
How much do you budget for apartment cooking?
How do you come up with a budget?

This is a great question that probably affects a lot of students. If you live on a college campus you probably have a meal plan which you pay for as part of your room and board fees. However, if you live off campus you are probably responsible for buying your own food and cooling for yourself. This could get expensive if not managed properly so it is important to setup a strict budget for yourself.

My suggestion would be to find out how much the meal plan at your school costs and use that as a guideline. Divide that number by the number of weeks you will be away at school and living on your own. That will give you your approximate weekly budget. Do a test shopping week to see if your weekly budget is too much or not enough and adjust as you see fit. Also, learn how to be a coupon clipper and stock up on items when they are on sale. Doing these two things can save you a ton of money in the long run.

The good thing is that both leftover Stafford loan funds,  private student loan funds and most scholarships can be used towards any education-related expense including food.

Does anyone else who has been there have other ideas on this topic?

ScholarshipPoints Bonus Code: COOKINCOLLEGE

10.30.09 | $10,000 Scholarship Winner To Be Announced Monday, November 2

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Hello my scholarship friends!

I just wanted to remind you that we will be drawing the big $10,000 scholarship winner on October 31, but will not be officially announcing who the lucky winner is until Monday, November 2.

We’ll be posting the winner to the winners page on Monday and sending a winners email alert to all members.  Both the winners page and email will also contain the $1,000 and $500 scholarship winners as well!

Enjoy your costume parties this weekend and be safe!