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If you are attending Avalon Vocational-Technical Inst there are one or more school loans available to help you pay for tuition, books, room and board, etc. Please note that if Avalon Vocational-Technical Inst does not offer all federal student loan programs, and your federal financial aid package does not cover everything, consider a private (alternative) student loan to cover the entire cost of education; Aways consider federal loans and scholarships first.

* The appearance of Avalon Vocational-Technical Inst does not constitute their endorsement of our private student loans, and Avalon Vocational-Technical Inst is not affiliated in any way with StudentLoanNetwork.com.

Federal Student Loans at Avalon Vocational-Technical Inst

In order to qualify for scholarships, Stafford Loans, PLUS loans and federal financial aid you must file your FAFSA. Filing your FAFSA application is free and should be completed as soon after January 1st, 2014 as possible. The fafsa school code for Avalon Vocational-Technical Inst is 02568000.

*Check with your financial aid office to determine eligibility for all types of financial aid. Financial aid is only available to those who qualify.

Consider a PLUS Loan

The Federal PLUS Loan is a viable alternative if you have been declined for, or choose not to take a alternative (private) student loan. These low, fixed or variable interest loans can be used to borrow up to the cost of education.

  • Parent PLUS Loan: Allows parents and guardians of undergraduate students at Avalon Vocational-Technical Inst to borrow up to the cost of attendance at a fixed interest rate.
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  • Grad PLUS Loan: Allows graduate students of Avalon Vocational-Technical Inst to borrow the total cost of their education at a fixed interest rate.
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Private Student Loans

If you are not eligible for federal financial aid at Avalon Vocational-Technical Inst, you may still be eligible for an Alternative Student Loan.

Avalon Vocational-Technical Inst Contact Information

Avalon Vocational-Technical Inst
1921 E 37TH St, Bldg B
Odessa, TX 79762

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