Tennessee Student Loans

Your school is eligible for Tennessee student loan programs if it is listed below. For a complete list of student loans available in other states, please visit Student Loan Network's school loans directory.

Please note that not all schools in Tennessee offer all federal student loans and private student loans. Learn more about alternative student loan programs if your school does not offer federal student loans.

Remember, you should apply for college scholarships before applying for student loans.

Student Loans in Tennessee by school:

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School Name City State
Academy of CosmetologyMemphisTennessee
Alma's Beauty CollegeKnoxvilleTennessee
Alma's Beauty CollegeMemphisTennessee
American Baptist Theological SeminaryNashvilleTennessee
American Career CollegeKnoxvilleTennessee
Aquinas CollegeNashvilleTennessee
Arnold's Beauty SchoolMilanTennessee
Artiste School of CosmetologyJohnson CityTennessee
Atlantic Career InstNashvilleTennessee
Austin Peay State UniversityClarksvilleTennessee
Bailey Technical School of MemphisMemphisTennessee
Baptist Hospial School of NursingKnoxvilleTennessee
Baptist Hospital School of NursingNashvilleTennessee
Baptist Memorial College of Health SciencesMemphisTennessee
Baptist Memorial Hospital of Xray TechnologyMemphisTennessee
Baptist Memorial Hospital School of Medical Rec LibMemphisTennessee
Baptist Memorial Hospital School of NursingMemphisTennessee
Barones Erlanger Hospital School of NurseChattanoogaTennessee
Baroness Erlanger Hospital Technical Radiologic-TechnologyChattanoogaTennessee
Belmont UniversityNashvilleTennessee
Bethel CollegeMcKenzieTennessee
Biscayne SchoolMemphisTennessee
Blount Memorial Hospital School of Radiologic TechnologyMaryvilleTennessee
Bobbies School of Beauty ArtsAthensTennessee
Branell InstituteNashvilleTennessee
Bristol UniversityBristolTennessee
Bryan CollegeDaytonTennessee
Career Beauty CollegeLawrenceburgTennessee
Careercom College of BusinessKnoxvilleTennessee
Carson - Newman CollegeJefferson CityTennessee
Chattanooga Barber CollegeChattanoogaTennessee
Chattanooga City CollegeChattanoogaTennessee
Chattanooga State Technical Community CollegeChattanoogaTennessee
Christian Brothers UniversityMemphisTennessee
Church of God Theological SeminaryClevelandTennessee
City of Memphis Hospital Uoptn School of Nurse Medical TechlgyMemphisTennessee
Cleveland State Community CollegeClevelandTennessee
Columbia State Community CollegeColumbiaTennessee
Comte Vanderbilt University School of Medical Program ProjectNashvilleTennessee
Concorde Career CollegeMemphisTennessee
Cooper InstKnoxvilleTennessee
Court Reporting Academy & School of Profesional StudiesNashvilleTennessee
Crichton CollegeMemphisTennessee
Cumberland UniversityLebanonTennessee
Cutter's Corner AcademyMorristownTennessee
David Lipscomb UniversityNashvilleTennessee
Davidson Technical CollegeNashvilleTennessee
Deluxe Beauty Culture CollegeChattanoogaTennessee
Dennis Youngs School of Beauty CultureKnoxvilleTennessee
Draughons Junior CollegeKnoxvilleTennessee
Draughons Junior CollegeNashvilleTennessee
Draughons Junior CollegeKingsportTennessee
Draughons Junior CollegeJohnson CityTennessee
Dyersburg State Community CollegeDyersburgTennessee
East Tennessee Baptist Hospital School of Radiologic TechnologyKnoxvilleTennessee
East Tennessee State Univ BristolBristolTennessee
East Tennessee State Univ KingsportKingsportTennessee
East Tennessee State UniversityJohnson CityTennessee
East Tennessee State University School of MedMurfreesboroTennessee
Ebonii Barber CollegeMemphisTennessee
Edmondson Junior CollegeChattanoogaTennessee
Electronic Computer Programming CollegeChattanoogaTennessee
Elkins Inst in MemphisMemphisTennessee
Emmanuel School of ReligionMilliganTennessee
Emmanuel School of ReligionJohnson CityTennessee
Erlanger Medical Center School of Medical TechnologyChattanoogaTennessee
Erlanger Medical Center School of Nurse AnesthesiaChattanoogaTennessee
Erlanger Medical Center School of Nurse AnesthesiaChattanoogaTennessee
Excel Business Institute Medical Assistant ProgramMadisonTennessee
Falls Business CollegeMadisonTennessee
Fayetteville Beauty SchoolFayettevilleTennessee
Fisk UniversityNashvilleTennessee
Fort Sanders School of NursingKnoxvilleTennessee
Fountainhead College of TechnologyKnoxvilleTennessee
Franklin AcademyClevelandTennessee
Free Will Baptist Bible CollegeNashvilleTennessee
Free Will Baptist Bible CollegeNashvilleTennessee
Freed Hardeman UniversityHendersonTennessee
Guide Liners School of Hair DesignNashvilleTennessee
Hair Design School (The)MemphisTennessee
Hair School (The)NashvilleTennessee
Harding Grad School of ReligionMemphisTennessee
Harding Graduate School of ReligionMemphisTennessee
Health Care Training InstituteMemphisTennessee
Helena Dye & Flanary Beauty CollegeNashvilleTennessee
Henerson Business CollegeMemphisTennessee
Hiwassee CollegeMadisonvilleTennessee
Holston Valley Community Hospital School of AnesthesiaKingsportTennessee
Holston Valley Community Hospital School of XrayKingsportTennessee
Hughes & Clark Beauty CollegeClarksvilleTennessee
IBA College of CosmetologyMemphisTennessee
IBA College of CosmetologyMemphisTennessee
IBA College of CosmetologyMemphisTennessee
International Barber & Style CollegeMadisonTennessee
ITT Technical InstituteNashvilleTennessee
ITT Technical InstituteNashvilleTennessee
ITT Technical InstituteKnoxvilleTennessee
J Rogers School of Hair DesignChattanoogaTennessee
Jackson State Community CollegeJacksonTennessee
Jett College of BarberingMemphisTennessee
Jett College of CosmetologyMillingtonTennessee
Jett College of CosmetologyMemphisTennessee
Jett College of CosmetologyMemphisTennessee
Jett College of Cosmetology & BarberingMemphisTennessee
John A Gupton CollegeNashvilleTennessee
Johnson Bible CollegeKnoxvilleTennessee
Jon Nave University of CosmetologyNashvilleTennessee
King CollegeBristolTennessee
Knoxville CollegeKnoxvilleTennessee
Knoxville Institute of Hair DesignKnoxvilleTennessee
Lacarm School of CosmetologyMcMinnvilleTennessee
Lambuth UniversityJacksonTennessee
Lane CollegeJacksonTennessee
Lee UniversityClevelandTennessee
LeMoyne - Owen CollegeMemphisTennessee
Lenoir City School of BeautyLenoir CityTennessee
Lincoln Memorial UniversityHarrogateTennessee
Lyn Mar Beauty AcademyColumbiaTennessee
Madison CollegeMadison CollegeTennessee
Madison Sanit Hospital School Medical Rec TechnologyMadisonTennessee
Madison SchoolsJacksonTennessee
Madison Street Hospital School Xray TechnologyMadisonTennessee
Mane Street International School of Hair DesignJohnson CityTennessee
Marshall CollegeMemphisTennessee
Martin Methodist CollegePulaskiTennessee
Maryville CollegeMaryvilleTennessee
McCollum & Ross Hair SchoolJacksonTennessee
McKenzie CollegeChattanoogaTennessee
Medical Career CollegeNashvilleTennessee
MedVance InstituteCookevilleTennessee
Meharry Medical CollegeNashvilleTennessee
Meharry Medical College School of DentistryNashvilleTennessee
Meharry Medical College School of MedicineNashvilleTennessee
Memphis Areo-TechMillingtonTennessee
Memphis College of ArtMemphisTennessee
Memphis College of MusicMemphisTennessee
Memphis Para Medical CollegeMemphisTennessee
Memphis Pro Truck Driver Training CompanyMemphisTennessee
Memphis Theolgical SeminaryMemphisTennessee
Methodist Hospital School of MedicalMemphisTennessee
Methodist Hospital School of NursingMemphisTennessee
Methodist Hospital School of Radiologic TechnologyMemphisTennessee
Metropolitan General Hospital School of NursingNashvilleTennessee
Metropolitan General Hospital School Xray TechnologyNashvilleTennessee
Mid America Baptist Theological SmryMemphisTennessee
Mid South School of BeautyMemphisTennessee
Mid South School of BeautyMemphisTennessee
Mid State Barber Styling CollegeNashvilleTennessee
Middle Tennessee School of AnesthesiaMadisonTennessee
Middle Tennessee School of CosmetologyCookevilleTennessee
Middle Tennessee State UniversityMurfreesboroTennessee
Millerhawkins Business CollegeMemphisTennessee
Milligan CollegeMilligan CollegeTennessee
Mister Wayne's School of Unisex Hair DesignCookevilleTennessee
Morristown CollegeMorristownTennessee
Motlow State Community CollegeTullahomaTennessee
Nashville Auto Diesel CollegeNashvilleTennessee
Nashville Career SchoolNashvilleTennessee
Nashville CollegeMadisonTennessee
Nashville College of Medical CareersMadisonTennessee
Nashville Metro General Hospital School of Radiological TechnologyNashvilleTennessee
Nashville State Technical Community CollegeNashvilleTennessee
National College of Business and TechnologyNashvilleTennessee
National Institute of TechnologyNashvilleTennessee
National School of BusinessClevelandTennessee
National School Of Hair DesignChattanoogaTennessee
New Directions Hair AcademyNashvilleTennessee
New Wave Hair AcademyMemphisTennessee
New Wave Hair AcademyMemphisTennessee
New World College of BeautyNashvilleTennessee
North Central InstituteClarksvilleTennessee
Northeast State Technical Community CollegeBlountvilleTennessee
Nossi College of ArtGoodlettsvilleTennessee
O'More College of DesignFranklinTennessee
Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear StudiesOak RidgeTennessee
Owen CollegeMemphisTennessee
Pazazz Hair SchoolJacksonTennessee
Pazazz Hair SchoolMemphisTennessee
Pellissippi State Technical Community CollegeKnoxvilleTennessee
Phillips Junior College of MemphisMemphisTennessee
Plaza Beauty SchoolMemphisTennessee
Princeton Techl InstCookvilleTennessee
Psychological Studies InstituteChattanoogaTennessee
Pyramid Beauty SchoolMemphisTennessee
Queen City CollegeClarksvilleTennessee
Reuben-Allen CollegeKnoxvilleTennessee
Rhodes CollegeMemphisTennessee
Rice CollegeMemphisTennessee
Roane State Community CollegeHarrimanTennessee
SAE Institute of TechnologyNashvilleTennessee
Saint Joseph Hospital School of Xray TechnologyMemphisTennessee
Saint Marys Medical Center School of NursingKnoxvilleTennessee
Saint Thomas Hospital School of NursingNashvilleTennessee
Scarritt CollegeNashvilleTennessee
Science Hill Vocational Center School of Practical NurseJohnson CityTennessee
Siena CollegeMemphisTennessee
South CollegeKnoxvilleTennessee
Southeastern Career CollegeNashvilleTennessee
Southern Adventist UniversityCollegedaleTennessee
Southern College of OptometryMemphisTennessee
Southern College of OptometryMemphisTennessee
Southern Institute of Cosmetology - Main CampusMemphisTennessee
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeMemphisTennessee
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeMemphisTennessee
St Joseph Hospital School of Radiologic TechlgyMemphisTennessee
St Marys Medical Center School of NurseKnoxvilleTennessee
St Thomas Hospital School of Medical TechlgyNashvilleTennessee
St. Joseph Hospital School of NursingMemphisTennessee
Stage One The Hair SchoolMemphisTennessee
State Area Vocational Technical - KnoxvilleKnoxvilleTennessee
State Area Vocational Technical School ChattanoogaChattanoogaTennessee
State Area Vocational Technical School CovingtonCovingtonTennessee
State Area Vocational Technical School JacksonJacksonTennessee
State Area Vocational-Technical School - OneidaOneidaTennessee
Steed CollegeJohnson CityTennessee
Stylemasters Beauty AcademyLebanonTennessee
Styles & Profiles Beauty CollegeSelmerTennessee
Temple Baptist SeminaryChattanoogaTennessee
Tenn Inst of BrdcstgNashvilleTennessee
Tennessee Academy of CosmetologyMemphisTennessee
Tennessee Academy of CosmetologyMemphisTennessee
Tennessee Board of RegentsNashvilleTennessee
Tennessee Career CollegeNashvilleTennessee
Tennessee Institute of Healing ArtsChattanoogaTennessee
Tennessee School of BeautyKnoxvilleTennessee
Tennessee School of BeautyOak RidgeTennessee
Tennessee School of BeautyAlcoaTennessee
Tennessee School of MassageMemphisTennessee
Tennessee State UniversityNashvilleTennessee
Tennessee Technical Center - MemphisMemphisTennessee
Tennessee Technical Center - MorristownMorristownTennessee
Tennessee Technological UniversityCookevilleTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center - CovingtonCovingtonTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center - CrumpCrumpTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center - DicksonDicksonTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center - ElizabethtonElizabethtonTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center - HohenwaldHohenwaldTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center - NashvilleNashvilleTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center - New BernNewbernTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center - Oneida/HuntsvilleHuntsvilleTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center - RipleyRipleyTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at AthensAthensTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at CrossvilleCrossvilleTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at HarrimanHarrimanTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at HartsvilleHartsvilleTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at JacksboroJacksboroTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at JacksonJacksonTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at KnoxvilleKnoxvilleTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at LivingstonLivingstonTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at McKenzieMcKenzieTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at McMinnvilleMcMinnvilleTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at MurfreesboroMurfreesboroTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at ParisParisTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at PulaskiPulaskiTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at ShelbyvilleShelbyvilleTennessee
Tennessee Technology Center at WhitevilleWhitevilleTennessee
Tennessee Temple UniversityChattanoogaTennessee
Tennessee Wesleyan CollegeAthensTennessee
Tomlinson CollegeClevelandTennessee
Total Concept Beauty CollegeCamdenTennessee
Trevecca Nazarene UniversityNashvilleTennessee
Tri-City Barber CollegeKnoxvilleTennessee
Tusculum CollegeGreenevilleTennessee
Union UniversityJacksonTennessee
United Schools - Home Study OnlyKnoxvilleTennessee
Univ of BtyClevelandTennessee
University of Memphis (The)MemphisTennessee
University of TennesseeKnoxvilleTennessee
University of Tennessee - ChattanoogaChattanoogaTennessee
University of Tennessee - KnoxvilleKnoxvilleTennessee
University of Tennessee - MartinMartinTennessee
University of Tennessee Center for Health SciencesMemphisTennessee
University of Tennessee Central OfficeKnoxvilleTennessee
University of Tennessee College of DentistryMemphisTennessee
University of Tennessee College of MedicineMemphisTennessee
University of Tennessee College of MedicineMemphisTennessee
University of Tennessee College of PharmacyMemphisTennessee
University of Tennessee College of Veterinary MedicineKnoxvilleTennessee
University of Tennessee Health Science Center (The)MemphisTennessee
University of Tennessee Memphis CampusMemphisTennessee
University of Tennessee NashvilleNashvilleTennessee
University of Tennessee Research Center Hospital NursingKnoxvilleTennessee
University of Tennessee University-Wide Administration Central OfficeKnoxvilleTennessee
University of the South (The)SewaneeTennessee
Univesity of Tennessee Research Center Hospital CytoKnoxvilleTennessee
Vanderbilt Medical SchoolNashvilleTennessee
Vanderbilt UniversityNashvilleTennessee
Vanderbilt UniversityNashvilleTennessee
Vanderbilt University Medical CenterNashvilleTennessee
Vanderbilt University Medical Center Dietetic Intern ProgramNashvilleTennessee
Vanderbilt University School of XrayNashvilleTennessee
Volunteer Beauty AcademyNashvilleTennessee
Volunteer Beauty AcademyMurfreesboroTennessee
Volunteer Beauty Academy of DyersburgDyersburgTennessee
Volunteer Beauty Academy of NashvilleMadisonTennessee
Volunteer State Community CollegeGallatinTennessee
Walters State Community CollegeMorristownTennessee
Watkins Institute College of Art & DesignNashvilleTennessee
Watkins Institute College of Art & DesignNashvilleTennessee
West Tennessee Business CollegeJacksonTennessee
William R Moore College of TechnologyMemphisTennessee
Williamson Christian CollegeFranklinTennessee
World Class UniversityNashvilleTennessee

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Find the Best Tennessee Student Loan Programs

What are the Best Tennessee Student Loan options for college or university students in Tennessee? Most financial aid officers in Tennessee would always recommend the Federal Loan Program first. The Perkins Loan and the Stafford Loan programs have great low rates and borrower benefits. The PLUS Loan is a good option for parents in Tennessee but comes with a higher rate and some upfront fees. Tennessee private student loan programs may, in some cases, be a better option than PLUS loans, especially if you have good credit. Compare all your student loan options and rates to insure you have the right loan for your needs.