Illinois Student Loans

Your school is eligible for Illinois student loan programs if it is listed below. For a complete list of student loans available in other states, please visit Student Loan Network's school loans directory.

Please note that not all schools in Illinois offer all federal student loans and private student loans. Learn more about alternative student loan programs if your school does not offer federal student loans.

Remember, you should apply for college scholarships before applying for student loans.

Student Loans in Illinois by school:

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School Name City State
Academy of Beauty CultureBellevilleIllinois
Adler School of Professional PsychologyChicagoIllinois
Advance SchoolsChicagoIllinois
Advance SchoolsChicagoIllinois
Advocate Illinois Masonic School of Radiologic TechnologyChicagoIllinois
Aero-Space InstituteChicagoIllinois
Alberto's Institute of CosmetologyRockfordIllinois
Alla Maes School OfJolietIllinois
Allied Inst of TechlgyChicagoIllinois
Altamore School of CosmetologyMachesney ParkIllinois
Alvareita's College of CosmetologyEdwardsvilleIllinois
Alvareita's College of CosmetologyGodfreyIllinois
American Academy of ArtChicagoIllinois
American Career College of Hair DesignBerwynIllinois
American Career TrainingChicagoIllinois
American College of TechnologyBloomingtonIllinois
American Conservatory of MusicChicagoIllinois
American Institute of EngineeringChicagoIllinois
American Islamic CollegeChicagoIllinois
American Med Rec Assn Lib Home StudyChicagoIllinois
American School of Beauty CultureOak ParkIllinois
American Technical CollegeChicagoIllinois
American Technical Society-Home StudyChicagoIllinois
Andersen Academy of Beauty Arts and SciencesChicagoIllinois
Applied Research Technical InstituteChicagoIllinois
Argosy UniversityChicagoIllinois
Arlington AcademyArlington HeightsIllinois
Augusta Hospital School of Medical TechnologyChicagoIllinois
Augusta Hospital, School of NursingChicagoIllinois
Augustana CollegeRock IslandIllinois
Aurora Career CenterAuroraIllinois
Aurora UniversityAuroraIllinois
Austin School of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Automotive Technical InstituteChicagoIllinois
Aviation Training EnterpriseWest ChicagoIllinois
Aviation Training EnterprisesChicagoIllinois
Barat CollegeLake ForestIllinois
Beck Area Career CenterRed BudIllinois
Bell Mar Beauty CollegeCiceroIllinois
Belleville Barber CollegeBellevilleIllinois
Benedictine UniversityLisleIllinois
Benton's School of CosmetologyEast AltonIllinois
BIR Training CenterChicagoIllinois
Bisch AirwaysSpringfieldIllinois
Black Hawk CollegeMolineIllinois
Black Hawk College East CampusKewaneeIllinois
Blackburn UniversityCarlinvilleIllinois
Blessing HospitalQuincyIllinois
Blessing Hospital School of Medical Laboratory TechniciansQuincyIllinois
Blessing Hospital School of Radiologic TechnologyQuincyIllinois
Bloomington Academy of Beauty CultureBloomingtonIllinois
Bloomington Area Vocational Center School of Practical NursingBloomingtonIllinois
Bloomington-Normal School of RadiographyNormalIllinois
Blue Island School of CosmetologyChicagoIllinois
Bradley UniversityPeoriaIllinois
Bradley University Peoria CollegePeoriaIllinois
Brisk Rabbinical CollegeChicagoIllinois
Browns Business CollegeSpringfieldIllinois
Bryant & Stratton CollegeChicagoIllinois
Bryant & Stratton CollegeChicagoIllinois
BSG Training InstituteChicagoIllinois
Burnham City Hospital School of Medical TechnologyChampaignIllinois
Business & Industrial Resources Training CenterChicagoIllinois
Cains Barber CollegeChicagoIllinois
Cameo Beauty AcademyOak LawnIllinois
Cameo School of Beauty CultureOak LawnIllinois
Cannella School of Hair DesignChicagoIllinois
Cannella School of Hair DesignBlue IslandIllinois
Cannella School of Hair DesignChicagoIllinois
Cannella School of Hair DesignChicagoIllinois
Cannella School of Hair DesignElmhurstIllinois
Cannella School of Hair DesignChicagoIllinois
Cannella School of Hair DesignChicagoIllinois
Cannella School of Hair DesignChicagoIllinois
Cannella School of Hair DesignElginIllinois
Cannella School of Hair DesignChicagoIllinois
Capital Area Career CenterSpringfieldIllinois
Capri - Garfield Ridge School of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Capri Oak Forest Beauty CollegeOak ForestIllinois
Capri School of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Career Academy (The)ChicagoIllinois
Career Colleges of ChicagoChicagoIllinois
Careers In HospitalityPeoriaIllinois
Carl Sandburg CollegeGalesburgIllinois
Catherine CollegeChicagoIllinois
Catholic Theological Union at ChicagoChicagoIllinois
Cave Technical InstituteLockportIllinois
CDI Career Development InstChicagoIllinois
Cele Whan Academy of BeautyRock IslandIllinois
Central Illinois Barber & Styling CollegeDecaturIllinois
Charles Allan Academy of Beauty CultureCalumet CityIllinois
Charles D Murdock InstituteChicagoIllinois
Chicago Academy of Fine ArtsChicagoIllinois
Chicago City-Wide CollegeChicagoIllinois
Chicago College of Osteopathic MedicalChicagoIllinois
Chicago Conservatory CollegeChicagoIllinois
Chicago EducationalChicagoIllinois
Chicago Institute of TechnologyChicagoIllinois
Chicago Kent College of LawChicagoIllinois
Chicago Lying-In Hospital Cytotechnology ProgramChicagoIllinois
Chicago Manufacturing InstituteChicagoIllinois
Chicago Professional CollegeChicagoIllinois
Chicago Public Schools-Practical Nursing ProgramChicagoIllinois
Chicago School of Automatic TransmissionsChicagoIllinois
Chicago School of Massage TherapyChicagoIllinois
Chicago School of Professional PsychologyChicagoIllinois
Chicago State UniversityChicagoIllinois
Chicago State University-JT LibraryChicagoIllinois
Chicago Technical College-Home StudyChicagoIllinois
Chicago Technological CollegeChicagoIllinois
Chicago Theological SeminaryChicagoIllinois
Chicago Truck Driving SchoolChicagoIllinois
Chicago Truck Driving SchoolChicagoIllinois
Chicago Urban League Computer Training CenterChicagoIllinois
Christian Life CollegeMount ProspectIllinois
City College of Chicago FengeChicagoIllinois
City College of Chicago SoutheastChicagoIllinois
City College of Chicago-Fenger Southeast CampusChicagoIllinois
City Colleges of Chicago - Kennedy King CollegeChicagoIllinois
City Colleges of Chicago - Malcolm X CollegeChicagoIllinois
City Colleges of Chicago Harry S Truman CollegeChicagoIllinois
City Colleges of Chicago System OfficeChicagoIllinois
City Colleges of Chicago, Urban Skills InstituteChicagoIllinois
Classical Studio of Beauty SchoolBrookfieldIllinois
Coiffure School of Cosmetology Arts & SciencesBellevilleIllinois
Colburn Academy of Beauty CultureMt CarmelIllinois
College of AutomationChicagoIllinois
College of Du PageGlen EllynIllinois
College of DupageLa GrangeIllinois
College of Lake CountyGrayslakeIllinois
College of Office Technology (The)ChicagoIllinois
Columbia CollegeChicagoIllinois
Commercial Trades InstChicagoIllinois
Computer Learning Centers ChicagoChicagoIllinois
Computer Systems InstituteSkokieIllinois
Concept College of CosmetologyDanvilleIllinois
Concordia Theological SeminarySpringfieldIllinois
Concordia UniversityRiver ForestIllinois
Consumer Electronics Training CenterChicagoIllinois
Continentale Beauty SchoolElmwood ParkIllinois
Cook County Hospital School of Inhalation TherapyChicagoIllinois
Cook County Hospital School of Radiologic TechnologyChicagoIllinois
Cook County School of NursingChicagoIllinois
Cooking & Hospitality Institute of Chicago (The)ChicagoIllinois
Copley Memorial Hospital School of NursingAuroraIllinois
Copley Memorial Hospital School of Xray TechnologyAuroraIllinois
Cortez W Peters Business College of ChicagoChicagoIllinois
Cosme Techl Inst of Cosmetology TechlgyTaylorvilleIllinois
Cosmetology and Spa Institute (The)Crystal LakeIllinois
Cosmetology Training CenterChicagoIllinois
Cosmetology Training CenterChicagoIllinois
Coyne CollegeChicagoIllinois
D'or Beauty CollegeChicagoIllinois
D'Or School of CosmetologyChicagoIllinois
Danville Area Community CollegeDanvilleIllinois
De Lourdes CollegeDes PlainesIllinois
Debbie's School of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Debbie's School of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Debbie's School of Beauty CultureHarveyIllinois
Debbie's School of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Debbie's School of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Debbies School of Beauty CultureEast St LouisIllinois
Decatur & Macon County Hospital School of NursingDecaturIllinois
Decatur Area Technical Academy-School of Practical NursingDecaturIllinois
Decatur Memorial Hospital School Medical TechnologyDecaturIllinois
Decatur Memorial Hospital School of Medical TechnologyDecaturIllinois
Decatur Memorial Hospital School of Nurse AnesthetistsDecaturIllinois
DePaul UniversityChicagoIllinois
DeVry Institute of TechnologyAddisonIllinois
Devry Institute of Technology Home Study SchoolEvanstonIllinois
DeVry UniversityChicagoIllinois
District 505 Community CollegeChampaignIllinois
Dixon Public Hospital School of Xray TechnologyDixonIllinois
Dominican UniversityRiver ForestIllinois
Don Roberts Beauty SchoolEvergreen ParkIllinois
Dorothy Chrysler School of Beauty CultureEffinghamIllinois
Dr William M Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Finch UniversityChicagoIllinois
Du Quoin Beauty CollegeDu QuoinIllinois
Dupage Horticultural SchoolWest ChicagoIllinois
East West UniversityChicagoIllinois
Eastern Illinois UniversityCharlestonIllinois
Echols International Hotel SchoolChicagoIllinois
Echols International Travel and Hotel SchoolsChicagoIllinois
Educators of BeautySterlingIllinois
Educators of BeautyLa SalleIllinois
Edward Hines Veterans HospitalHinesIllinois
Edward Hines, Jr. Va Hospital School of Radiologic Therapy TechnologyHinesIllinois
Elgin Community CollegeElginIllinois
Elmhurst CollegeElmhurstIllinois
Environmental Technical InstituteItascaIllinois
Erikson InstituteChicagoIllinois
Eugenie Bauerle School of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Eureka CollegeEurekaIllinois
European Healing Massage Therapy SchoolSkokieIllinois
European School of BeautyDes PlainesIllinois
Evangelical Hospital School of Xray TechnologyChicagoIllinois
Evangelical Theological SeminaryNapervilleIllinois
Evanston Hospital School of Medical TechnologyEvanstonIllinois
Evanston Hospital School of Radiologic TechnologyEvanstonIllinois
Evanston Hospital, School of NursingEvanstonIllinois
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare School of AnesthesiaEvanstonIllinois
First Business School (The)ChicagoIllinois
Flamingo Beauty CollegeLincolnIllinois
Flamingo Beauty CollegePeoriaIllinois
Flamingo Beauty CollegeSpringfieldIllinois
Flamingo Beauty CollegePekinIllinois
Flamingo Beauty CollegeQuincyIllinois
Flamingo Beauty CollegeDecaturIllinois
Flamingo Beauty CollegeNormalIllinois
Fox CollegeOak LawnIllinois
Franciscan Medical Center School of Radiologic TechnologyRock IslandIllinois
Franklin Boulevard Community Hospital School of X-Ray TechnologyChicagoIllinois
Franklin School of Science & ArtsChicagoIllinois
Futurama Beauty AcademyChicagoIllinois
Galesburg Cottage Hospital School NursingChicagoIllinois
Garrett - Evangelical Theological SeminaryEvanstonIllinois
Gem City CollegeQuincyIllinois
George Williams CollegeDowners GroveIllinois
Goodman School of DramaChicagoIllinois
Governors State UniversityUniversity ParkIllinois
Graham Hospital School of NursingCantonIllinois
Granite City School of Beauty CultureGranite CityIllinois
Grant Hospital School for Medical Rec LibrChicagoIllinois
Grant Hospital School of NursingChicagoIllinois
Greenville CollegeGreenvilleIllinois
Hair Professional School of CosmetologyAuroraIllinois
Hair Professionals Academy of CosmetologyWest DundeeIllinois
Hair Professionals Academy of CosmetologyDowners GroveIllinois
Hair Professionals Academy of CosmetologyWheatonIllinois
Hair Professionals Career CollegeSycamoreIllinois
Hair Professionals Career CollegePalos HillsIllinois
Hair Professionals School of CosmetologyOswegoIllinois
Hairmasters Institute of CosmetologyBloomingtonIllinois
Hanover Park College of Beauty CultureHanover ParkIllinois
Harold Washington CollegeChicagoIllinois
Harrington College of DesignChicagoIllinois
Harrington Institute of Interior DesignChicagoIllinois
Health Careers InstituteChicagoIllinois
Heartland Community CollegeNormalIllinois
Hebrew Theological CollegeSkokieIllinois
Herman M Finch University of Health Sciences/ Chicago Medical SchoolNorth ChicagoIllinois
Herzing InstituteRockfordIllinois
Hi Fashion Beauty CollegeJacksonvilleIllinois
Hi Fashion Beauty CollegeJacksonvilleIllinois
Highland Community CollegeFreeportIllinois
Highway Transportation InstituteChicagoIllinois
Hinsdale Hospital School of NursingHinsdaleIllinois
Hinsdale Hospital School of RadiographyHinsdaleIllinois
Hinsdale Sanitarium & Hospital, School of Medical TechnologyHinsdaleIllinois
Holy Cross Academic InstititeChicagoIllinois
Howell Technical InstituteChicagoIllinois
I. J. Goldberg School of NursingChicagoIllinois
IBA Beauty CollegeRomeovilleIllinois
IBA College of CosmetologyRockfordIllinois
Illini Barber CollegeChampaignIllinois
Illinois Business CollegeSpringfieldIllinois
Illinois CareerPath InstituteChicagoIllinois
Illinois Center For BroadcastingLombardIllinois
Illinois Central CollegeEast PeoriaIllinois
Illinois CollegeJacksonvilleIllinois
Illinois College of OptometryChicagoIllinois
Illinois College of OptometryChicagoIllinois
Illinois Commercial CollegeChampaignIllinois
Illinois Eastern Community College System OfficeOlneyIllinois
Illinois Eastern Community Colleges - Frontier Community CollegeFairfieldIllinois
Illinois Eastern Community Colleges - Lincoln Trail CollegeRobinsonIllinois
Illinois Eastern Community Colleges - Olney Central CollegeOlneyIllinois
Illinois Eastern Community Colleges - Wabash Valley CollegeMount CarmelIllinois
Illinois Institute of Art (The)ChicagoIllinois
Illinois Institute of TechnologyChicagoIllinois
Illinois Masonic Medical CenterChicagoIllinois
Illinois Masonic Medical Center School of NursingChicagoIllinois
Illinois Medical Training CenterChicagoIllinois
Illinois School of CommerceChicagoIllinois
Illinois School of Health CareersChicagoIllinois
Illinois State UniversityNormalIllinois
Illinois Teachers College Chicago S BrChicagoIllinois
Illinois Technical CollegeChicagoIllinois
Illinois Valley Community CollegeOglesbyIllinois
Illinois Welding SchoolBartonvilleIllinois
Illinois Wesleyan UniversityBloomingtonIllinois
Ingalls Memorial HospitalHarveyIllinois
Ingalls Memorial HospitalHarveyIllinois
Ingalls Memorial Hospital Dietetic Intership ProgramHarveyIllinois
Institute for Clinical Social WorkChicagoIllinois
Institute of Business & Computer EducationChicagoIllinois
Institute of CoiffuresRockfordIllinois
Institute of European Studies University of ViennaChicagoIllinois
Institute of New Cinema Artists of ChicagoChicagoIllinois
Interamerican Business InstituteChicagoIllinois
International Academy of Design and TechnologyChicagoIllinois
International Accountants SocietyChicagoIllinois
International Beauty AcademyMacombIllinois
International Data Processing InstChicagoIllinois
Ippolito Beauty AcademyArlington HeightsIllinois
Ippolito New Image Academy of BeautyChicagoIllinois
Ippolito Rockford Beauty AcademyRockfordIllinois
Ippolito School of CosmetologyChicagoIllinois
ITT Technical Institute-Home StudyChicagoIllinois
J. W. Thorne School Nursing Pass Memorial HospitalChicagoIllinois
Jacksonville Business and Careers InstituteJacksonvilleIllinois
Jerri Jones Beauty SchoolCalumet CityIllinois
John A. Logan CollegeCartervilleIllinois
John Amico's School of Hair DesignOak ForestIllinois
John Amico's School of Hair DesignChicagoIllinois
John Amicos School of Hair DesignChicagoIllinois
John Amicos School of Hair DesignKewaneeIllinois
John Marshall Law School (The)ChicagoIllinois
John Wood Community CollegeQuincyIllinois
Joliet Junior CollegeJolietIllinois
Joliet Township High School of Practical NursingJolietIllinois
Judson CollegeElginIllinois
Kaes CollegeChicagoIllinois
Kankakee Academy of Hair DesignChicagoIllinois
Kankakee Community CollegeKankakeeIllinois
Kankakee School of AeronauticKankakeeIllinois
Kaskaskia CollegeCentraliaIllinois
Katherine Shaw Bethea Sch NursingDixonIllinois
Keller Graduate School of ManagementOakbrook TerraceIllinois
Kendall CollegeEvanstonIllinois
Kishwaukee CollegeMaltaIllinois
Kitzmiller Beauty CollegeAltonIllinois
Knowledge Systems InstituteSkokieIllinois
Knox CollegeGalesburgIllinois
La James College of HairstylingEast MolineIllinois
La Salle Extension Univ-Home StudyChicagoIllinois
La Tee's Beauty SchoolChicagoIllinois
Lagrange Beauty SchoolLa GrangeIllinois
LaGrange School of CosmetologyLa GrangeIllinois
Lake Forest CollegeLake ForestIllinois
Lake Forest Graduate School of ManagementLake ForestIllinois
Lake Land CollegeMattoonIllinois
Lake Victoria Beauty AcademySpringfieldIllinois
Lakeview College of NursingDanvilleIllinois
Lamolo School of Beauty CultureFreeportIllinois
LaMont's International School of CosmetologyCantonIllinois
Lena's Artistic BeautyChicagoIllinois
Lewis & Clark Community CollegeGodfreyIllinois
Lewis College Technical InstituteLockportIllinois
Lewis UniversityRomeovilleIllinois
Lexington CollegeChicagoIllinois
Lincoln Christian College & SeminaryLincolnIllinois
Lincoln CollegeLincolnIllinois
Lincoln Land Community CollegeSpringfieldIllinois
Lincoln Technical InstituteMelrose ParkIllinois
Lincoln Technical InstituteOak LawnIllinois
Little Company of Mary HospitalEvergreen ParkIllinois
Little Company of Mary Hospital Schol of NursingEvergreen ParkIllinois
Lloyd Flying ServiceRoselleIllinois
Loyola Univ of ChicagoChicagoIllinois
Loyola University ChicagoChicagoIllinois
Loyola University Medical Center/Stritch School of MedicalMaywoodIllinois
Loyola University School of Dent AsstChicagoIllinois
Loyola University School of DentistryMaywoodIllinois
Loyola University School of DentistryMaywoodIllinois
Loyola University Stritch School of MedicineMaywoodIllinois
Lutheran General & Deaconess Hospitals School of NursingPark RidgeIllinois
Lutheran General Hospital Dietetic Intern ProgramPark RidgeIllinois
Lutheran General Hospital School Medical TechlgyPark RidgeIllinois
Lutheran General Hospital School of X-Ray TechnologyPark RidgeIllinois
Lutheran Hospital School Respiratory TherapyMolineIllinois
Lutheran School of Theo Rock Island CampusRock IslandIllinois
Lutheran School of Theology at ChicagoChicagoIllinois
M G Institute LtdChicagoIllinois
Mac Daniel's Beauty SchoolChicagoIllinois
MacCormac CollegeChicagoIllinois
MacMurray CollegeJacksonvilleIllinois
Macomb School of Beauty CultureMacombIllinois
Mallinckrodt College of the North ShoreWilmetteIllinois
Marion Adult Education & Career Training CenterChicagoIllinois
Marycrest CollegeKankakeeIllinois
MaryKnoll CollegeGlen EllynIllinois
McCormick Theological SeminaryChicagoIllinois
McHenry County CollegeCrystal LakeIllinois
McKendree CollegeLebanonIllinois
Meadville Theological School of Lombard CollegeChicagoIllinois
Medical Careers InstituteChicagoIllinois
Memorial Hospital School of NursingSpringfieldIllinois
Memorial Medical Center School of Radiologic TechnologySpringfieldIllinois
Memorial Medical Center School of Radiologic TechnologySpringfieldIllinois
Mennonite College of NursingBloomingtonIllinois
Mercy Hospital School of X-Ray TechnologyUrbanaIllinois
Methodist Medical Center of IllinoisPeoriaIllinois
Methodist Medical Center Of Illinois School Of HistotechlgyPeoriaIllinois
Methodist Medical Center of Illinois School of NursingPeoriaIllinois
Metropolitan Business CollegeEvergreen ParkIllinois
Metropolitan Community CollegeEast Saint LouisIllinois
Metropolitan Group Hospital School of Respiratory TherapyChicagoIllinois
Michael Reese Hospital & Medical Center School of CytotechChicagoIllinois
Michael Reese Hospital & Medical Center School of Medical TechnologyChicagoIllinois
Michael Reese Hospital School CytotechnologyChicagoIllinois
Michael Reese Hospital School of Radiologic TechnologyChicagoIllinois
Mid-America School of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Midstate CollegePeoriaIllinois
Midwest Barber CollegePeoriaIllinois
Midwest College of EngineeringGlen EllynIllinois
Midwest Technical InstituteLincolnIllinois
Midwestern UniversityDowners GroveIllinois
Millikin UniversityDecaturIllinois
Modernistic School of Beauty CultureSpringfieldIllinois
Moler Hairstyling CollegeChicagoIllinois
Moline Beauty SchoolMolineIllinois
Moline Institute of CommerceMolineIllinois
Monmouth CollegeMonmouthIllinois
Montay CollegeChicagoIllinois
Monticello CollegeGodfreyIllinois
Moody Bible InstituteChicagoIllinois
Moraine Valley Community CollegePalos HillsIllinois
Morris Academy of Hair DesignMorrisIllinois
Morrison Institute of TechnologyMorrisonIllinois
Morton CollegeCiceroIllinois
Mount Alverno NovitiEast PeoriaIllinois
Mount Sinai Hospital School of Xray TechnologyChicagoIllinois
Mount Vernon Community CollegeMt VernonIllinois
Mr John's School of CosmetologyUrbanaIllinois
Mr T'S School of Breauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Mr. John's School of Cosmetology & NailsJacksonvilleIllinois
Mr. John's School of Cosmetology, Esthetics & NailsDecaturIllinois
Mr. Johns School of CosmetologySpringfieldIllinois
Ms Roberts Academy of Beauty CultureVilla ParkIllinois
Ms Roberts Academy of Hair DesignSchaumburgIllinois
Mueller School of Beauty CultureWaukeganIllinois
Mundelein CollegeChicagoIllinois
Naes CollegeChicagoIllinois
National Barber CollegeSpringfieldIllinois
National College of Education Urban CampusChicagoIllinois
National Education Center - Bryman CampusChicagoIllinois
National Education Center, Bryman CampusOak LawnIllinois
National Technical CollegeChicagoIllinois
National Technicals SchoolsChicagoIllinois
National University of Health Sciences (The)LombardIllinois
National-Louis UniversityEvanstonIllinois
New World InstituteChicagoIllinois
Niles CollegeChicagoIllinois
Niles School of CosmetologyNilesIllinois
Norhtern Illinois UniversityOregonIllinois
North Central CollegeNapervilleIllinois
North Park UniversityChicagoIllinois
Northeastern Illinois UniversityChicagoIllinois
Northern Baptist Theological SeminaryLombardIllinois
Northern Illinois UniversityDeKalbIllinois
Northwest American School of Beauty CultureDes PlainesIllinois
Northwest Community HospitalArlington HeightsIllinois
Northwestern Business CollegeChicagoIllinois
Northwestern Memorial Hospital School NursingChicagoIllinois
Northwestern UniversityEvanstonIllinois
Northwestern UniversityChicagoIllinois
Northwestern University Dental SchoolChicagoIllinois
Northwestern University Medical SchoolChicagoIllinois
Northwestern University School of DentistryChicagoIllinois
Nu-Tek School of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Nu-Wave School of Hair DesignWaukeganIllinois
Oak Park American School of Beauty CultureOak ParkIllinois
Oak Park Hospital School of NursingOak ParkIllinois
Oakton Community CollegeDes PlainesIllinois
Oehrlein School of CosmetologyEast PeoriaIllinois
OIC Vocational InstituteRockfordIllinois
Olive Harvey CollegeChicagoIllinois
Olivet Nazarene UniversityBourbonnaisIllinois
Olympia CollegeSkokieIllinois
Omar Rivas Academy of Barber Arts & SciencesChicagoIllinois
Pal's International School of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Palatine School of BeautyPalatineIllinois
Parkland CollegeChampaignIllinois
Parkland CollegeChampaignIllinois
Parks College of Saint Louis UniversityCahokiaIllinois
Passavant Memorial Area Hospital, School of NursingJacksonvilleIllinois
Paul's Academy of CosmetologyBerwynIllinois
PBS Training CenterChicagoIllinois
PBS Training CenterChicagoIllinois
Peoria School of BusinessPeoriaIllinois
Phillips College of ChicagoChicagoIllinois
Pivot Point International Cosmetology Research CenterEvanstonIllinois
Prairie St College Bardige School Dental AssistantsChicago HeightsIllinois
Prairie State CollegeChicago HeightsIllinois
Presbyterian-St Lukes Hospital School X-RayChicagoIllinois
Principia CollegeElsahIllinois
Professional Truck Driver Training SchoolChicagoIllinois
Professionals Choice Hair Design AcademyJolietIllinois
Provena United Samaritans Medical Center School of Rad. Tech.DanvilleIllinois
Provident Hospital School of X-Ray TechnologyChicagoIllinois
Pyramid Career InstituteChicagoIllinois
Quincy UniversityQuincyIllinois
Qunicy Beauty AcademyQuincyIllinois
Ravenswood Hospital Medical Center School of NursingChicagoIllinois
Ravenswood Hospital Medical Center School of Radiologic TechnologyChicagoIllinois
Rend Lake CollegeInaIllinois
Revell Training CenterChicagoIllinois
Revell Training CenterChicagoIllinois
Richard J Daley College-City Colleges of ChicagoChicagoIllinois
Richland Academy of Beauty CultureOlneyIllinois
Richland Community CollegeDecaturIllinois
Richland Memorial Hospital School of Radilogic TechnologyOlneyIllinois
Rickay Careers-Home StudyNorthfieldIllinois
Rickys School of Beauty CultureJolietIllinois
Riviera School of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Robert Morris CollegeChicagoIllinois
Robert Morris CollegeChicagoIllinois
Robert Morris CollegeChicagoIllinois
Rock Island Beauty CollegeRock IslandIllinois
Rock Island Franciscan Hospital School ofRock IslandIllinois
Rock Valley CollegeRockfordIllinois
Rockford Business CollegeRockfordIllinois
Rockford CollegeRockfordIllinois
Rockford Memorial Hospital School Of Radilogic TechlgyRockfordIllinois
Rockford Memorial Hospital School of X-Ray TechnologyRockfordIllinois
Rockford Memorial School of NursingRockfordIllinois
Rockford Public Schools Vocational DivisionRockfordIllinois
Rockford School of Practical NursingRockfordIllinois
Roma Beauty SchoolChicagoIllinois
Rome Academy of CosmetologyChicagoIllinois
Roosevelt UniversityChicagoIllinois
Rosel School of CosmetologyChicagoIllinois
Royale Beauty CollegeChicagoIllinois
Rush Medical CollegeChicagoIllinois
Rush Presbyterian St Lukes Hospital School of AnethesiaChicagoIllinois
Rush UniversityChicagoIllinois
Saint Annes Hospital, School of NursingChicagoIllinois
Saint Anthony College of NursingRockfordIllinois
Saint Augustine CollegeChicagoIllinois
Saint Francis HospitalEvanstonIllinois
Saint Francis Hospital School of NursingEvanstonIllinois
Saint Francis Medical Center College of NursingPeoriaIllinois
Saint John's CollegeSpringfieldIllinois
Saint John's Hospital School of EEG TechnologySpringfieldIllinois
Saint John's Hospital School of Medical TechnologySpringfieldIllinois
Saint John's Hospital School of Respiratory TherapySpringfieldIllinois
Saint John's School of DieteticsSpringfieldIllinois
Saint John's School of Histologic TechniqueSpringfieldIllinois
Saint Johns Hospital School of NursingSpringfieldIllinois
Saint Joseph College of NursingJolietIllinois
Saint Joseph HospitalElginIllinois
Saint Josephs Hospital School of NursingAltonIllinois
Saint Xavier UniversityChicagoIllinois
Saintt Mary of Nazareth Hospital, School of NursingChicagoIllinois
Sanford-Brown CollegeGranite CityIllinois
Sauk Valley Community CollegeDixonIllinois
Sawyer CollegeOak ParkIllinois
Sawyer College of BusinessWaukeganIllinois
Sawyer SchoolEvanstonIllinois
Scharfenberg Beauty AcademyJacksonvilleIllinois
School of the Art Institute of ChicagoChicagoIllinois
Seabury-Western Theological SeminaryEvanstonIllinois
Selan's System of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Selan's System of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Selan's System of Beauty CultureRiver ForestIllinois
Ser Jobs For ProgressChicagoIllinois
Shawnee Community CollegeUllinIllinois
Sherwood Conservatory of MusicChicagoIllinois
Sherys Twin Cities School of CosmetologyMattoonIllinois
Shimer CollegeWaukeganIllinois
Silver Cross Hospital School of X-Ray TechnologyJolietIllinois
Smith Business Automation SchoolDoltonIllinois
South Chicago Community Hospital School of Respiratory TherapyChicagoIllinois
South Suburban Academy of Hair TechnologyMidlothianIllinois
South Suburban College of Cook CountySouth HollandIllinois
Southeastern Illinois CollegeHarrisburgIllinois
Southern Illinois University All CampusesCarbondaleIllinois
Southern Illinois University AltonAltonIllinois
Southern Illinois University at CarbondaleCarbondaleIllinois
Southern Illinois University at CarbondaleCarbondaleIllinois
Southern Illinois University East Saint Louis CampusEast Saint LouisIllinois
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleEdwardsvilleIllinois
Southern Illinois University School of Dental MedicineEdwardsvilleIllinois
Southern Illinois University School of MedicineSpringfieldIllinois
Southern Illinois University System OfficeCarbondaleIllinois
Southern Illinois University Vocational Tech InstituteCarbondaleIllinois
Southwestern Illinois CollegeBellevilleIllinois
Spanish Coalition for JobsChicagoIllinois
Sparks CollegeShelbyvilleIllinois
Spertus Institute of Jewish StudiesChicagoIllinois
Spoon River CollegeCantonIllinois
Springfield College IllinoisSpringfieldIllinois
St Annes Hospital, School of X-Ray TechnologyChicagoIllinois
St Anthony Hospital School of X-Ray TechnologyRockfordIllinois
St Anthonys Hospital School of Inhalation TherapyRockfordIllinois
St Dominic CollegeSt CharlesIllinois
St Elizabeths Hospital School of X-Ray TechnologyChicagoIllinois
St Francis Hospital Medical CenterPeoriaIllinois
St Francis Hospital School of AnesthesiaPeoriaIllinois
St Francis Hospital School of Radiology-TechnologyBlue IslandIllinois
St Francis Hospital School of Radiology-TechnologyPeoriaIllinois
St Johns Hospital School of AnesthesiaSpringfieldIllinois
St Johns Hospital School of Respiratory TherapySpringfieldIllinois
St Johns Hospital School of Xray TechnologySpringfieldIllinois
St Joseph Hospital School of Medical TechnologyChicagoIllinois
St Joseph Hospital School of Radiologic TechnologyChicagoIllinois
St Mary Hospital School of Medical TechnologyQuincyIllinois
St Mary Hospital School of Radiologic TechnologyQuincyIllinois
St Mary Hospital School of X-Ray TechnologyQuincyIllinois
St Mary's Hospital School of Medical TechnologyDecaturIllinois
St Therese Hospital, Medical TechnologyWaukeganIllinois
State of the Art Beauty AcademyStegerIllinois
State Technical InstituteChicagoIllinois
Stephens Academy of Beauty CultureBloomingtonIllinois
Stephens Institute of Hair DesignPeoriaIllinois
Sterling Cosmetology SchoolEast MolineIllinois
Stevens InstitutePeoriaIllinois
Sunny Hill Beauty SchoolChicagoIllinois
Superior Training ServicesPosenIllinois
Superior Training ServicesPosenIllinois
Swedish American Hospital School of Medical TechnologyRockfordIllinois
Swedish American Hospital School of NursingRockfordIllinois
Swedish American Hospital School of Radiologic TechnologyRockfordIllinois
Swedish American Hospital School of Surgical TechnologyRockfordIllinois
T & T School of Hair DesignPalatineIllinois
Taylor Business InstituteChicagoIllinois
Telshe Yeshiva-ChicagoChicagoIllinois
Today's Educational NetworkChicagoIllinois
Tolentine CollegeOlympia FieldsIllinois
Tom Nolan Academy of Beauty CultureDecaturIllinois
Trainco Bus SchoolChicagoIllinois
Trend Beauty CollegeEast AltonIllinois
Trend Beauty CollegeMt VernonIllinois
Trend International Beauty CollegeCollinsvilleIllinois
Trend Setters College of CosmetologyBradleyIllinois
Tri County Beauty AcademyLitchfieldIllinois
Trinity Christian CollegePalos HeightsIllinois
Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences SchoolsRock IslandIllinois
Trinity Evangelical Divinity SchoolDeerfieldIllinois
Trinity Hospital School of Radiologic TechnologyChicagoIllinois
Trinity International UniversityDeerfieldIllinois
Trinity Medical Center School of RadiographyMolineIllinois
Trinity Medical Center School of RadiologyMolineIllinois
Trinity Medical Center School of Surgical TechnologyMolineIllinois
Triton CollegeRiver GroveIllinois
Tyler School of Secretarial SciencesChicagoIllinois
Univ of Chicago Columbia UnivChicagoIllinois
Univ of Ill Institute of AviationUrbanaIllinois
Universal Career CollegePeoriaIllinois
Universal Career CollegeSpringfieldIllinois
University Beauty SchoolBloomingtonIllinois
University Beauty SchoolChicagoIllinois
University of Chicago (The)ChicagoIllinois
University of Chicago Pritzker School of MedicineChicagoIllinois
University of Chicago, Pritzker School of MedicineChicagoIllinois
University of Health Sciences - Chicago Medical SchoolChicagoIllinois
University of Illinois All CampusesChicagoIllinois
University of Illinois at ChicagoChicagoIllinois
University of Illinois at SpringfieldSpringfieldIllinois
University of Illinois at Urbana - ChampaignChampaignIllinois
University of Illinois Central OfficeUrbanaIllinois
University of Illinois ChicagoChicagoIllinois
University of Illinois College of DentistryChicagoIllinois
University of Illinois College of PharmacyChicagoIllinois
University of Illinois Department of ArtChampaignIllinois
University of Illinois Hospital Medical Center Program In Rad TechChicagoIllinois
University of Illinois Medical Center College of MedicineChicagoIllinois
University Of Illinois School Of Public HealthChicagoIllinois
University of Illinois School of Veterinary MedicineUrbanaIllinois
University of Saint FrancisJolietIllinois
University of Saint Mary of the LakeMundeleinIllinois
University of Spa & Cosmetology ArtsSpringfieldIllinois
USAF School of Applied Aerospace ScienceChanute AFBIllinois
VanderCook College of MusicChicagoIllinois
Vatterott CollegeQuincyIllinois
Vee's School of Beauty CultureEast St. LouisIllinois
Veterans Administrative Hospital YMCA School Radiologic TechnologyHinesIllinois
Vocational Training CenterCentervilleIllinois
Vogue Academy of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Warrens Academy of Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Washington Business InstituteChicagoIllinois
Waubonsee Community CollegeSugar GroveIllinois
Waukegan Area Vocational CenterWaukeganIllinois
Waukegan School of Hair DesignChicagoIllinois
Wesley Passavant Nursing School Northwest HospitalChicagoIllinois
West Baden BranchWest Baden SpringsIllinois
West Suburban College of NursingOak ParkIllinois
West Suburban Hospital School of Medical TechnologyOak ParkIllinois
West Suburban Hospital School of X-Ray TechnologyOak ParkIllinois
Western Illinois UniversityMacombIllinois
Westwood College - DuPageWoodridgeIllinois
Westwood College - O'Hare AirportSchiller ParkIllinois
Wheaton CollegeWheatonIllinois
Wilbur Wright CollegeChicagoIllinois
Wilfred Academy of Hair & Beauty CultureOak ParkIllinois
Wilfred Academy of Hair & Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Wilfred Academy of Hair & Beauty CultureOak ParkIllinois
Wilfred Academy of Hair & Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
Wilfred Academy of Hair & Beauty CultureChicagoIllinois
William Rainey Harper CollegePalatineIllinois
William School College of Podiatric MedChicagoIllinois
Winston Churchill CollegePontiacIllinois
Worsham College of Mortuary ScienceWheelingIllinois
Young School of BeautyGalesburgIllinois
Young's Beauty SchoolChicagoIllinois

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Find the Best Illinois Student Loan Programs

What are the Best Illinois Student Loan options for college or university students in Illinois? Most financial aid officers in Illinois would always recommend the Federal Loan Program first. The Perkins Loan and the Stafford Loan programs have great low rates and borrower benefits. The PLUS Loan is a good option for parents in Illinois but comes with a higher rate and some upfront fees. Illinois private student loan programs may, in some cases, be a better option than PLUS loans, especially if you have good credit. Compare all your student loan options and rates to insure you have the right loan for your needs.