Connecticut Student Loans

Your school is eligible for Connecticut student loan programs if it is listed below. For a complete list of student loans available in other states, please visit Student Loan Network's school loans directory.

Please note that not all schools in Connecticut offer all federal student loans and private student loans. Learn more about alternative student loan programs if your school does not offer federal student loans.

Remember, you should apply for college scholarships before applying for student loans.

Student Loans in Connecticut by school:

Click on your college or university below for more details on Student Loans available at your college in Connecticut.

School Name City State
Airkaman Flight SchoolWindsor LocksConnecticut
Albert Beatrice School of Beauty CultureNew LondonConnecticut
Albert I Prince Regional Vocational Technical SchoolHartfordConnecticut
Albertus Magnus CollegeNew HavenConnecticut
Allstate Tractor Trailor Training SchoolBridgeportConnecticut
American Academy of CosmetologyDanburyConnecticut
Amore Institute of Hair DesignWest HavenConnecticut
Amore Institute of Hair DesignBridgeportConnecticut
Annhurst CollegeWoodstockConnecticut
Asnuntuck Community CollegeEnfieldConnecticut
Atlantic School of HartfordHartfordConnecticut
Bais Binyomin AcademyStamfordConnecticut
Baran Institute of TechnologyWindsorConnecticut
Beauty Technical Academy of HairdressingStamfordConnecticut
Berkeley Divinity SchoolNew HavenConnecticut
Blaine! The Beauty Career SchoolsNew LondonConnecticut
Branford Hall Career InstituteBranfordConnecticut
Brevard Community CollegeNew CanaanConnecticut
Briarwood CollegeSouthingtonConnecticut
Bridgeport Engineering InstituteFairfieldConnecticut
Bridgeport Hospital School of Medical TechlgyBridgeportConnecticut
Bridgeport Hospital School of Nurse AnesthesiaBridgeportConnecticut
Bridgeport Hospital School of NursingBridgeportConnecticut
Bridgeport Hospital School of Radiologic TechlgyBridgeportConnecticut
Bridgeport Hospital School of Resporitory TherapyBridgeportConnecticut
Bridgeport Hospital School of Xray TechnologyBridgeportConnecticut
Bridgeport School of Beauty CultureBridgeportConnecticut
Brio Academy of CosmetologyMeridenConnecticut
Bristol Hospital Family Therapy Training InstituteBristolConnecticut
Bristol Hospital School of X-ray TechnologyBristolConnecticut
Bristol Technical Education CenterBristolConnecticut
Bullard - Havens Regional Vocational Technical SchoolBridgeportConnecticut
Business Career InstituteWaterburyConnecticut
Butler Business SchoolBridgeportConnecticut
Capital Community CollegeHartfordConnecticut
Capitol-West Community CollegeHartfordConnecticut
Career Training InstWethersfieldConnecticut
Central Connecticut State UniversityNew BritainConnecticut
Central Connecticut State University System OfficeHartfordConnecticut
Charter Oak State CollegeNew BritainConnecticut
Colonial School of Drafting & DesignBridgeportConnecticut
Computer Processing InstEast HartfordConnecticut
Connecticut AcademyNorwalkConnecticut
Connecticut AcademyNorwalkConnecticut
Connecticut Business InstituteStratfordConnecticut
Connecticut Center For Massage TherapyNewingtonConnecticut
Connecticut CollegeNew LondonConnecticut
Connecticut Culinary InstituteFarmingtonConnecticut
Connecticut Data Processing InstWilliamanticConnecticut
Connecticut Institute of ArtGreenwichConnecticut
Connecticut Institute of Hair DesignEast HartfordConnecticut
Connecticut Institute of Hair DesignWolcottConnecticut
Connecticut School of ElectronicsBranfordConnecticut
Connecticut Training CenterEast HartfordConnecticut
County Schools Home StudyBridgeportConnecticut
Creative School of HairdressingManchesterConnecticut
Dabury Hospital School of Radiologic TechnolgyDanburyConnecticut
Danbury Hospital School of Surgical TechlgyDanburyConnecticut
E C Goodwin Regional Vocational Technical SchoolNew BritainConnecticut
East Coast Welding & Technical SchoolWaterfordConnecticut
Eastern Connecticut State UniversityWillimanticConnecticut
Eli Whitney Regional Vocational Technical SchoolHamdenConnecticut
Ella T Grasso Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical SchoolGrotonConnecticut
Elm City Beauty AcademyNew HavenConnecticut
Elm City Beauty AcademyHamdenConnecticut
Emmett O'Brien Regional Vocational Technical SchoolAnsoniaConnecticut
Fairfield UniversityFairfieldConnecticut
Famous Artist School-Home Study OnlyWestportConnecticut
Famous Photographers School-Home StudyWestportConnecticut
Famous Writers School-Home Study OnlyWestportConnecticut
Fifth Avenue Academy of Hairdressing and CosmetologyNorth HavenConnecticut
Fox Institute of BusinessWest HartfordConnecticut
Gal-Mar Academy of Hairdressing, Skin & NailsNorth HavenConnecticut
Gateway Community CollegeNew HavenConnecticut
Gibbs CollegeNorwalkConnecticut
Goodwin CollegeEast HartfordConnecticut
Grace-New Haven School of NursingNew HavenConnecticut
Greater New Haven State Technical CollegeNorth HavenConnecticut
Greenwich Hospital School of NursingGreenwichConnecticut
Guthrie AcademyNew BritainConnecticut
H C Wilcox Regional Vocational Technical SchoolMeridenConnecticut
Hair Technology InstituteWaterburyConnecticut
Haircutting InstituteWest HavenConnecticut
Hartford College for WomenHartfordConnecticut
Hartford Hospital Inhalation TherapyHartfordConnecticut
Hartford Hospital School of CytotechnolgyHartfordConnecticut
Hartford Hospital School of NursingHartfordConnecticut
Hartford Hospital School of Xray-TechnologyHartfordConnecticut
Hartford Institute of AccountingHartfordConnecticut
Hartford Modern School of WeldingHartfordConnecticut
Hartford School of Music (The)HartfordConnecticut
Hartford SeminaryHartfordConnecticut
Hartford State Technical CollegeHartfordConnecticut
Hartford Techl InstHartfordConnecticut
Harvard H Ellis Regional Vocational Technical SchoolDanielsonConnecticut
Henry Abbott Regional Vocational Technical SchoolDanburyConnecticut
Holy Apostles College & SeminaryCromwellConnecticut
Holy Family SeminaryWest HartfordConnecticut
Hospital of Saint Raphael School of Radiologic Technology (The)New HavenConnecticut
Hospital of St Raphael School of Inhalation TherapyNew HavenConnecticut
Housatonic Community CollegeBridgeportConnecticut
Howell Cheney Regional Vocational Technical SchoolManchesterConnecticut
Huntington InstituteNorwichConnecticut
Industrial Management & Training InstituteWaterburyConnecticut
Inst of Childrens Lit-Home StudyRedding RidgeConnecticut
J M Wright Regional Vocational Technical SchoolStamfordConnecticut
Joseph Lawrence School of NursingNew LondonConnecticut
Junior College of ConneticutBridgeportConnecticut
Lawrence & Memorial Hospitals School of Radiological TechnologyNew LondonConnecticut
Leon Institute of Hair DesignBridgeportConnecticut
Leon's Institute of Hair DesignStamfordConnecticut
Lyme Academy College of Fine ArtsOld LymeConnecticut
Manchester Community CollegeManchesterConnecticut
Manchester Community College Middlesex CenterMiddletonConnecticut
Manchester Memorial Hosp Sch of Radiology TechManchesterConnecticut
Meriden Wallinford Hospital SchoolMeridenConnecticut
Meriden-Wallingford Hospital School of NursingMeridenConnecticut
Middlesex Community CollegeMiddletownConnecticut
Middlesex Memorial HospitalMiddletownConnecticut
Mitchell CollegeNew LondonConnecticut
Morse School of BusinessHartfordConnecticut
Mount Sacred Heart CollegeHamdenConnecticut
Mount Sinai Hospital School of Radiologic TechnologyHartfortConnecticut
National Academy of HairdressingNew BritainConnecticut
National Academy of HairdressingNorwalkConnecticut
National Academy of HairdressingStamfordConnecticut
National Academy of HairdressingAnsoniaConnecticut
National Academy of HairdressingBristolConnecticut
Naugatuck Valley Community CollegeWaterburyConnecticut
New Britain General Hospital School of NursingNew BritainConnecticut
New Britain Hospital Inhalation TherapyNew BritainConnecticut
New Britian General Hospital School of Radiologic TechnolgyNew BritianConnecticut
New England InstRidgefieldConnecticut
New England Institute-Med ResearchRidgefieldConnecticut
New England School of HairdressingNewingtonConnecticut
New England Technical InstituteNew BritainConnecticut
New England Tractor Trailer Training School of ConnecticutSomersConnecticut
Northwestern Connecticut Community CollegeWinstedConnecticut
Norwalk Community CollegeNorwalkConnecticut
Norwalk Hospital School of CytotechnologyNorwalkConnecticut
Norwalk Hospital School of NursingNorwalkConnecticut
Norwalk Hospital School Respiratory TherapyNorwalkConnecticut
Norwalk State Technical CollegeNorwalkConnecticut
Norwich Beauty AcademyNorwichConnecticut
Norwich Regional Vocational Technical SchoolNorwichConnecticut
Oliver Wolcott Regional Vocational Technical SchoolTorringtonConnecticut
Paier College of ArtHamdenConnecticut
Platt Regional Vocational Technical SchoolMilfordConnecticut
Quinebaug Valley Community CollegeDanielsonConnecticut
Quinnipiac UniversityHamdenConnecticut
Ratcliffe Hicks School of AgricultureStorrsConnecticut
Renasci Academy of HairMilfordConnecticut
Rensselaer Hartford Graduate Center (The)HartfordConnecticut
Ridley - Lowell Business & Technical InstituteNew LondonConnecticut
Roffler Academy for HairstylistHartfordConnecticut
Roffler Academy of HairstylistsHartfordConnecticut
Sacred Heart UniversityFairfieldConnecticut
Saint Alphonus CollegeSuffieldConnecticut
Saint Basil CollegeStamfordConnecticut
Saint Francis Hospital School of NursingHartfordConnecticut
Saint Joseph CollegeHartfordConnecticut
Saint Marys SeminaryNorwalkConnecticut
Saint Thomas SeminaryBloomfieldConnecticut
Saint Vincent's CollegeBridgeportConnecticut
Saint Vincent's Hospital School of Medical-TechnologyBridgeportConnecticut
Sampier School of Hair DesignWaterburyConnecticut
School of Social WorkWest HartfordConnecticut
School of the Hartford BalletHartfordConnecticut
Seat of Wisdom CollegeLitchfieldConnecticut
Silvermine College of ArtNew CannanConnecticut
South Central Community CollegeHartfordConnecticut
Southern Connecticut State UniversityNew HavenConnecticut
St Francis HospitalHartfordConnecticut
St Francis Hospital School of Radiologic TechnolgyHartfordConnecticut
St Josephs Hospital School of Xray TechStamfordConnecticut
St Marys Hospital School of NursingWaterburyConnecticut
St Raphael Hospital School of Radiologic TechnologyNew HavenConnecticut
St Vincents Medical Center School of Radiologic TechnologyBridgeportConnecticut
Stamford Hospital School of NursingStamfordConnecticut
Stamford Hospital School of Radiologic TechlgyStamfordConnecticut
State Academy of Cosmetology Arts & ScienceBranfordConnecticut
State Academy of Cosmetology Arts & SciencesOrangeConnecticut
Stone AcademyHamdenConnecticut
Stone SchoolNew HavenConnecticut
Swiss Hospitality Institute, Cesar RitzWashingtionConnecticut
Technical Careers InstituteWest HavenConnecticut
Technical Careers InstituteWindsorConnecticut
Teikyo Post UniversityWaterburyConnecticut
Thames Valley State Technical CollegeNorwichConnecticut
Three Rivers Community CollegeNorwichConnecticut
Torrington Beauty AcademyTorringtonConnecticut
Trinity CollegeHartfordConnecticut
Tunxis Community CollegeFarmingtonConnecticut
United States Coast Guard AcademyNew LondonConnecticut
Univ of Conn Lyman M Stowe LibHartfordConnecticut
University of BridgeportBridgeportConnecticut
University of Conn School For Dental MedicineFarmingtonConnecticut
University of Conn School of PharmacyStorrsConnecticut
University of Connectciut Health Center School of MedicineFarmingtonConnecticut
University of ConnecticutStorrsConnecticut
University of ConnecticutStorrsConnecticut
University of ConnecticutStorrsConnecticut
University of ConnecticutStorrsConnecticut
University of ConnecticutStorrsConnecticut
University of ConnecticutStorrsConnecticut
University of Connecticut All CampusesStorrsConnecticut
University of Connecticut Health CenterHartfordConnecticut
University of Connecticut School of Dental MedicineFarmingtonConnecticut
University of Connecticut School of LawStorrsConnecticut
University of Connecticut School of MedicineFarmingtonConnecticut
University of Connecticut School Social Work LibHartfordConnecticut
University of Connecticut West HartfordWest HartfordConnecticut
University of HartfordWest HartfordConnecticut
University of Hartford Ward Technical InstituteHartfordConnecticut
University of New HavenWest HavenConnecticut
Vinal Regional Vocational - Technical SchoolMiddletownConnecticut
W F Kaynor Regional Vocational Technical SchoolWaterburyConnecticut
Waterbury Hospital School of NursingWaterburyConnecticut
Waterbury Hospital School of Xray TechnologyWaterburyConnecticut
Waterbury School of HairdressingWaterburyConnecticut
Waterbury State Technical CollegeWaterburyConnecticut
Wesleyan UniversityMiddletownConnecticut
West Haven VA Hospital School of Rad-TechWest HavenConnecticut
Western Connecticut State UniversityDanburyConnecticut
Wilcox College of NursingMiddletonConnecticut
Wilfred Academy of Hair & Beauty CultureNew HavenConnecticut
Wilfred Academy of Hair And Beauty CultureHartfordConnecticut
William W Bucks Hospital School of NursingNorwichConnecticut
Windham Community Memorial Hospital Program of Radiologic TechnologyWillimanticConnecticut
Windham Regional Vocational Technical SchoolWillimanticConnecticut
Yale New Haven Hospital School Medical TechlgyNew HavenConnecticut
Yale UniversityNew HavenConnecticut
Yale University School of MedicineNew HavenConnecticut
Yale Univesity School of Med-Dept of EpidemNew HavenConnecticut
Yale-New Haven Hosp Prog Rad TechNew HavenConnecticut
Yale-New Haven Hospital Dietetic Internship ProgramNew HavenConnecticut
Yale-New Haven Hospital School of Respiratory TherapyNew HavenConnecticut

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Find the Best Connecticut Student Loan Programs

What are the Best Connecticut Student Loan options for college or university students in Connecticut? Most financial aid officers in Connecticut would always recommend the Federal Loan Program first. The Perkins Loan and the Stafford Loan programs have great low rates and borrower benefits. The PLUS Loan is a good option for parents in Connecticut but comes with a higher rate and some upfront fees. Connecticut private student loan programs may, in some cases, be a better option than PLUS loans, especially if you have good credit. Compare all your student loan options and rates to insure you have the right loan for your needs.