Student Loan Articles

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List of Student Loan Articles

Types of Student Loans
Learn about the wide variety of student loans available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Federal Student Loans vs. Private Student Loans
There are a number of differences between federal and private student loans. The Student Loan Network offers products in both of these categories.

Tips for Student Loan Consolidation
Find out how to consolidate your student loans in order to have smaller monthly payments.

How to Fund a Graduate Education
There are many loan options for those in graduate school, which include both federal and private loans.

Continuing Education Loan Overview
Interested in continuing your education after college? Learn about your options for financial aid in these circumstances.

FAFSA Tips and Mistakes
Many make mistakes when completing their FAFSA. Find out common errors and learn how to correct them with this expert advice.

Tips for Inexpensive College Entertainment
Looking for ways to have fun in college without spending a lot of money?

Ways College Students Can Save for the Future
Everyday tips for saving your hard-earned money

Don't Pay for Help Finding Money for College
Learn which financial aid options should not cost you any additional fees.

Scholarships and Grants
One alternative to student loans is to apply for college scholarships and/or grants. These can offer you free money that do not have to be repaid.

How To Avoid Scholarship Scams
Watch out for these headlines from scholarship solicitations you may receive.

College Admissions Advice and Help
Did you know that your entire high school career affects which college you go to?

Tips for Student Credit Card Use
Interested in learning how to optimally use your credit cards - while in college?

State of the Financial Aid Industry
Following the allegations from NY Attorney General Cuomo, read what areas of the student loan industry should be watched closely.