Time Management for Students

Ever wonder how college students spend their time each week? Between studying, socializing, eating, sleeping, relaxing, being in-class and participating in extracurricular activities, the hours just fly by and sometimes students can lose track of their priorities and what's expected of them.

The Time Management for Students infographic is an in-depth look at how the average college student spends their time during the week. In addition, it provides the Top 5 Time Management Tips to help students use their hours more effectively. Similarly to managing money and keeping a budget, being aware of the amount of time spent on different tasks are at the core of time management strategies.

While a student transitions from high school to college and beyond, one of the biggest challenges they face is managing a schedule without parent supervision. While juggling a number of activities and responsibilities can be overwhelming, there are time management strategies that can help alleviate the stress. This time management tool is for college students to improve their weekly scheduling strategies and priority skills.

When heading into the week, it’s never easy to do it without a plan. That’s why this insightful visual will show students how to work hard and play hard by managing their time wisely! Check it out and then share it with other students!

Student Time Management Infographic

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