Additional Financial Aid Resources

Students with federal financial aid are eligible for work-study programs, if their college or university offers one. If available to you, your work study agreement will be listed on your Award Letter. These programs allow a school to create campus based employment programs for students and are great opportunities to assist you in covering your expenses during school, and saving for the future. Research the work-study options your school offers early so that you may apply for the job that best suits you. We recommend applying for your work study position right after you sign your acceptance letters.

Search for More Scholarships!

There is no limit to the amount of total scholarship money you may receive for college. They typically never need to be repaid, and as such are the preferred form of financial aid. Scholarships generally are awarded to individual students from an organization and function as an investment in their futures (and free money for college!). There are some major national scholarships and grants for which a number of your classmates will apply. But there are also hundreds of local or online scholarships to be found. Even a seemingly small award can go a long way toward your books and other rising expenses.

You may apply for scholarships at any time. To do a thorough scholarship search and application process, you must search both locally and nationally. Consider your unique strengths and abilities and focus on scholarships that award your strengths. Gather scholarship search resources on the Internet and start your applications as soon as possible. Apply early and apply often to maximize your college scholarship award potential.

Remember: In order to not miss out on any financial aid opportunities, be sure to check in with your school’s financial aid office about all scholarships and loans affiliated with the school.

How to Fill in the Gaps

Many times, after you've tallied your total financial aid package compared to your Cost of Attendance, there might still be a substantial amount of unmet financial need. Don't panic - there are additional options for you. Alternative, or private financial aid is based on your credit history and income and can be used for any education-related expenses. Also, you may apply for a private student loan at any time – extremely useful if you run into any unexpected costs. There are a number of other benefits to having private loans such as a variety of deferment options and repayment benefits.

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