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Resources for students and families to help navigate the complex world of financial aid.
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In addition to our line of education financing products, the Student Loan Network hosts several websites which offer valuable resources for your students and their families to navigate the complex world of student financial aid. We also offer scholarship resources, a college directory, tips on filing the FAFSA, a monthly newsletter, and more.

Financial Aid 101 - This valuable resource on provides information on how to begin the financial aid process.

Entrance and Exit Counseling - The Student Loan Network gives students the opportunity to perform entrance and exit counseling on our site. - This site offers free tips and a step-by-step guide to filling out the FAFSA and ways to maximize your financial aid. - A free scholarship listing search tool that requires no submission of personal information. - A place where students and parents can gather to ask questions and get answers about the financial aid process. - A free scholarship site that gives away monthly scholarships to students who earn points by logging in, referring friends and completing surveys. - The Student Loan Network publishes a monthly newsletter to students, families and financial aid professionals that provides valuable news and information on higher education issues, trends and federal regulations. - A comprehensive guide with tips on how to get into college, and student action plans that help students prepare for the college admissions process.

Customer Service - We also boast a seasoned customer service team that can provide students, families and higher education institutions with quick answers to complex questions. We provide access to our customer service team through our blogs, email and over the phone.

Our Financial Aid Blogs include:

Student Loan Network BLog
Stafford Loan Blog
Student Loan Consolidator Blog
Grad Loans Blog
Financial Aid News

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