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The Student Loan Network is one of the nation's fastest growing providers of student loans and education information. Since 1998, we have connected over 25 million students and parents with more than $1 billion in federal student loans, private alternative student loans, college scholarships, and student loan consolidation.

In addition to loan products, we are proud to offer a full range of helpful, free resources to help make the financial aid process easier for students and their families. An example is our wide selection of financial aid and personal finance eBooks, available for free to students, parents, families, and professionals.

We believe in the power of the community and are active members in NASFAA, EASFAA, MASFAA, NACAC, College Goal Sunday, and other organizations as part of our work.

Financial Aid Professional Resources from the Student Loan Network

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Financial Aid Resources from Student Loan Network

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Student Loan Websites

The Student Loan Network operates a handful of targeted student loan websites offering detailed information on specific products for specific groups of students. The sites include:

  • - A resources for student looking to research and compare a variety of private student loan products.
  • - Graduate student loan funding, including Graduate Stafford, Grad PLUS and Alternative Loans.

Scholarship Websites

The Student Loan Network, in partnership with Edvisors, provides information on and access to hundreds of scholarships through the following two scholarship websites:

  • - An innovative scholarship rewards program offering students monthly opportunities to win scholarship through participation in a variety of online activities, including surveys and blogging.
  • - A free searchable directory of scholarships, grants and awards for students.

Free eBook Resources

Our free eBooks are dedicated to helping students navigate the financial aid process, save money, and earn scholarships. All of our eBooks are available for you to distribute with no cost to you or your students.

Free personal finance eBook library! We've got half a dozen or more free eBooks for you and your students to share and learn from, on every topic from basics of financial aid to scholarship search to how to craft a budget. Download as many as you like, and link to it from your external resources page!

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