FAFSA Corrections

There are many reasons why a FAFSA correction could be useful for you. Once in a while your financial situation can drastically change in between when you fill out your FAFSA and the beginning of the school year.

With the exception of your Social Security Number, you can change your answers to any FAFSA questions. However, most changes have to be verified by your financial aid office and may not alter your aid amount until the following year. Your financial aid office is the best resource for making corrections to your FAFSA.

Here are some reasons you might need to correct your FAFSA:

  • On your application, you did not accurately list the type of tax return you filed for the previous year (this is very important for matching you to your tax return!)
  • You filed your FAFSA early before you received your tax information and now must update the exact numbers
  • You are now expecting a child during the academic year for which you filed
  • There were any other major changes in your family situation (death, divorce, etc)

Not all of these examples mentioned will require a FAFSA correction and they also might not change your financial aid package very much. However, there are adjustments that your school can make based on your current situation. If there is a demonstrated loss of family income, your financial aid office will help you file Special Circumstances paperwork.

Your FAFSA provides a snap shot of your financial situation with the assumption that it will remain close to consistent with the previous tax year. Obviously, this is not always the case.

For example, if one of your parents loses their job, you might file a correction and find the "dislocated worker" line on the parent portion of the form. This removes your family's assets such as savings and checking account balances from the expected family contribution (EFC) formula and can potentially net you more financial aid than before.

How to Make FAFSA Corrections

We highly suggest that you visit or call your financial aid office before making any corrections on the web.

Then, you may choose to file your correction via paper mail or online. Once you make that decision, simply change the field you need to update. With your FAFSA Pin, you can log in at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

If you are changing any information regarding your parents' finances, an electronic parent signature may be required during the process (they can do this with their parent PIN #).

If you need to update your mailing address or add another college to your school list, you can do so over the phone by calling 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243)